January 24, 2018

The WonderMill Grain Mills have gone down in price! They are now selling for about $199.95

THIS POST IS FROM JANUARY OF 2018 so prices are different now...  as of February 2023, they are currently about $350.

Although we typically eat low carb and sugarfree (which means little or no wheat products) when we do eat wheat (because who doesn't love homemade bread!?) I order whole, non GMO, heritage wheat berries and grind them myself.

I've posted previously about how when I first decided to try to grind my own wheat, I wanted to make sure this was something I really wanted to do before I invested a couple hundred dollars in an electric grinder.  At that point, I bought a Victorio Manual (hand) Grain Mill.  (I don't like the digestive issues store bought breads and flour bring and although we eat low-carb often... not all the time.  And I have found I have almost NO ISSUES eating homemade breads!)  

So I invested in a small mill (a VICTORIO Hand Operated Grain Mill)and I loved using hand milled wheat but, it took me about an hour to grind enough wheat berries to make 2 loaves of bread. That's when I knew I wanted to invest in an electric mill.

In the end this is the one I got: The WonderMill (which also grinds dried beans, rice and corn - not just wheat)

Here is mine....

When I got my grinder, we got a great sale at the time at $219 as they were selling for $239; it's not cheap but it's not overly expensive either, and it paid for itself within the first couple months of use.  But this week I happened to see them on Amazon and they are currently selling for $199.

Freshly ground wheat berries - still warm from grinding

Be sure you only use it for 'dry' grains (not things like almonds, which have oils) and you start the motor running before adding your wheat berries.

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