March 22, 2018

Product Review Time! Sutra GOLD and Sutra BLACK - the charcoal latte and golden milk lattes made easy with individual serving packets! (PLUS+ Coupon Code for 10% off!)

Thanks to Sutra for samples of their 'Gold' and 'Black' to review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Sutra "GOLD" - Turmeric.  A vivid yellow-orange spice, historically used as a natural medicine for inflammation and breathing problems; hit the internet last year as a "super food" and everyone wanted to know more.  You may have seen people posting recipes for "Golden Milk Lattes" or maybe even made them yourself or ordered them in your local coffee house.  Almond, cashew or coconut milk mixed with  turmeric, cinnamon, ground black pepper, ginger and cayenne pepper with a bit of honey or sweetener. Sutra made it easier to get your daily boost by packaging everything you need to simply mix in the hot nut-milk of your choice or hot water.  

Sutra "BLACK" - Activated Charcoal.  If a drink could be Instagram famous last year, it might the black and gray cups of "Charcoal Lattes".  Almond milk, activated charcoal, a touch of vanilla and sweetener.  While activated charcoal was pretty much in everything last summer (drinks, soap, face scrubs, toothpaste...)  our family uses it for it's anti-bloating capabilities and digestive health.  Sutra took the chocolate latte and added a dose of cacao to make a hot chocolate that gives you a natural energy boost and you have to admit; looks really cool in your mug.

Sutra GOLD:  Our family always has almond milk and coconut milk on hand so it was natural for me to use almond milk for my review.  I used a mixture of hot, 190 degree water and almond milk for the GOLD.  As a drinker of chai tea, this was absolutely a close cousin.  The spices of ginger and vanilla bean softened the cayenne, black pepper and turmeric, while the Stevia naturally sweetened the drink.  It absolutely has a bit of a 'kick' to it but it's subtle.

I liked it well enough that if taking turmeric  was a part of our daily supplement diet this would be something I would entertain as a daily morning drink.  For the average person who isn't used to chai tea, spices like turmeric, cayenne pepper or ginger - this might take some getting used to.

Sutra Black was one my husband was looking forward to tasting with me so I had to wait until he was home to make it!  Our family already uses activated charcoal in a few forms.  We use it for digestive issues, I make homemade bath soap with it and I've used it in our homemade deodorant.  I'm so completely comfortable with activated charcoal powder in many forms that reviewing a drink made with wasn't as big of a surprise to me as it might be to some people.   I prepared the Sutra BLACK with almond milk heated just until very hot.  I used a whisk to mix it in completely.  It's a dark charcoal colored creamy drink with a hint of chocolate but in a healthy 'not too sweet' way.  Easy to sip, but fun too!  I don't know that I felt any more energetic after sipping it, but this is one drink I would and could easily keep on hand both for our family and to offer when I have friends over for 'coffee'.
Sutra offers some amazing looking recipes on their site; smoothies, pancakes, parfaits and more - you really need to check out the black colored pancakes made with their Sutra Black powder!

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Thanks SipSutra, for introducing me to your products!

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