November 13, 2018

Grocery Delivery Online From Amazon: Do you live in an area where it's offered?

The first time I wanted to use a grocery delivery program was long (long long) before it was a 'thing'.  It was 2002 (I think) and a friend and her family had relocated across the country to the East coast for her husband to start a new job.  Although I knew they were struggling, I didn't realize how much until I picked up a few clues in a phone conversation we had.  Money was unbelievably tight and she was having a hard time affording groceries.  They had two girls in middle and elementary school at the time, and I decided I wanted to surprise them by gifting them with groceries.

Although I was prepared to buy various foods, box them up and send them through the mail, I went online to a very 'new' internet and found there at that time, just 2 grocery delivery services; so very brand new that almost no one had heard of them.  It was a hassle, and fairly expensive, but I did it and she was so very appreciative!  The gift of food is welcome almost anytime but for them, at that time, it was a dire need.

Flash forward...  Over the past six years or so, I've looked into various options for food delivery for my father-in-law.  He's 90 years old, lives out on a farm in a very, very small town in the midwest and although he drives to doctor's appointments, church and shopping - I would rather have him not have to do so in the winter months, on icy, snowy roads.  

I've looked at almost every option available from Schwans delivery to grocery delivery services, Walmart and other grocery stores delivery options and of course, Amazon... but because of his location it's difficult.  There aren't any really good options yet at this point for 'fresh' foods, because of where he lives.

On the flip-side however, I have family members who live in larger metro areas that have all sorts of options available to them.  And even if you live in an out of way 'small' city, sometimes you STILL have some great options.  My oldest daughter for example, orders almost everything (literally everything) online.  She primarily uses Amazon - but also uses other companies based on what she needs at the time.  She also utilizes Walmart's free pick-up service for fresh foods. In the past 6 months I believe she's only entered a grocery store (it was Walmart) one time and when she left she texted me to say THAT is why she only orders online!  She had 3 little ones with her (ages 4, 2 and a newborn) and she hasn't yet stepped foot in a store.  From Sam's Club to Walmart, to Amazon, Wayfair, pet companies and more...  she has everything from diapers to lettuce to shampoo either delivered or ready for drive-up pickup.

Which is where this post comes from today.  

I am (again) looking at all the options for food delivery to my father-in-law - as a Christmas present.  Because Amazon has made great strides in opening up their fresh food delivery service to more areas, I logged in to check my father-in-laws address.  It's still not offered for his location (and mine either for that matter) but because I'm an Amazon affiliate, and because my website is FOOD based, I decided to do a quick post so my readers might be able to check if this was something they would be interested in!

You can have FRESH FOODS delivered from Amazon if you live in a covered location; not just household goods and dry goods!  How does it work?  It's part of the Try AmazonFresh program.  You shop for your groceries online, schedule your delivery time... and it's delivered to your door.  Meats, vegetables, fruits along with whatever everyday essentials you need.

To see if your address is included in the delivery area just follow this link; Try AmazonFresh Free Trial

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