January 03, 2019

Mixing natural sweeteners to get the best tasting sugar free sweetener AND the difference between old and new Truvia packages

I've had these photos in my draft files for quite a long time but it's time I hurry and post them, even if I don't write the long post I originally planned on posting.

Instead, quickly I want to point out something I noticed on the Truvia Baking Blends.

I buy this product regularly, but instead of throwing out the empty bags, I keep them and reuse them.  That's why I was able to spot the difference when I realized my newer bags were a different shade of green, had changed the packaging to show it had sugars in it (verses kind of hiding them on the original bags) and they updated the nutritional information graph and facts.

Serving size changed from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon
Servings per bag from 340 to 170
2g carbs to 4g and sugars from 'less than 1'  to '2g'

 I found it interesting the old bag seemingly tried to hide the fact it had actual sugar in it, but it was made more clear on the newer packaging. 

Let's get into my real post today.  MIXING sweeteners to get the best flavor!

I've been doing sugar free and low carb for about 16 years now; started back when there were almost no sweetener options available in my local stores and almost nothing available online either as it just didn't exist.  At the time I used Splenda but even that was only available shipped from Canada.

Later I was able to use Xylitol and Erythritol I ordered from companies that produced them and then finally (finally!) other options became readily available.  Some good... some not so good.  Sometimes very good when mixed with others.  And that is what this post is about.

Often, to get the best sugar free sweetener flavor, mixing two or three different brands and kinds gives the best results.

Two of my favorite sweeteners are Ideal and Just Like Sugar but I can't get them at my local stores and they must be ordered online.  Because of that, I often get Truvia because it's so easy to find at my local grocery, however it does have sugar grams as it's a blend.

I don't personally like Pure or Swerve because of the cooling factor of the sweetener on my tongue and throat and I find it often ruins some of my food items with that 'minty' feeling in the mouth.  (Example; frosting... it shines through strongly which unless I want a peppermint flavored icing, in which it works just great).

Using whichever sweeteners you like or prefer, use at least two granular styles and mix them together.  A third if you have it.  You can also use 2 dry granular styles and when making your food item, add a few drops of liquid sweetener drops as well.

For the past few years I've been mixing in a large bowl with a whisk and then funneling it into empty sweetener bags I've saved from Truvia (because they are awesome packages, well sealed, with great pouring spouts and caps that are easily refillable!)

This time however, I grabbed a mixing container I've posted about before (here).  The spout of the mixing batter container fit perfectly into the empty Truvia package!  I filled up all the packages so quick and easy!

On each of the packages I simply use a permanent market to scribble the word "MIXED" on it; making it easy to see for 'grab and use' sweetening in whatever I'm making at the time.


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