March 24, 2019

Product Review Time! Where I Finally Come Close to Having Soft, Silky Hair

When I see celebrity photos online, see photos of the Kardashians in the entertainment news or watch an old episode of Friends, I'm probably not noticing what the average viewer is. Partly because I don't watch television, I don't care about celebrities, don't follow any fan clubs. I really don't care much about them or their lives but I do notice... their hair. Oh how I notice smooth, silky hair.

Because I've never, ever been blessed with it.

I remember in 5th grade I was so jealous of my friend Christi's hair. It was soft and silky and feathered so perfectly. My hair was genetically doomed, but I hadn't learned about genetics yet so I didn't know this. Thick, wavy, coarse and dry; that was my normal.  After staying at another friends house, I took note that she also had silky beautiful hair, so I made a mental note of the brand of shampoo I saw in their bathroom. I went home and asked my Mom if we could buy it because Heather's hair was so soft and I wanted mine to be soft too! When I told her the shampoo name, she informed me that Head & Shoulders was a dandruff shampoo, not an everyday kids shampoo.

Now I'm also going to admit something embarrassing I did in my quest for pretty, silky hair. I believe it was 6th or 7th grade. I decided to deep condition it. With Vaseline. I layered gobs of goo on my hair, wrapped it plastic wrap and slept on it, with visions of luxurious tresses greeting me in the morning before school. Instead, I had a greasy mop of thick, coarse, dry hair. And I washed it as usual. The 13 year old me not realizing that wasn't going to cut it. I washed it again... and then had to get to school before I was late. I spent that whole day with the grossest, greasiest hair. I'm STILL embarrassed for myself decades later!  And that night I recall finally, out of desperation, grabbing the Dawn Dish Soap and washing over and over again until it was out. Then I was back to where I started before that whole fiasco. Dry, coarse hair.

If you have thick, dry, coarse hair you know the game. Wash it about once a week. When it's newly washed it's going to be unmanageable for the first 2 days. You absolutely have to add some oils or moisture products and use a straightener just to get it to calm down.  If you have a special event, date, wedding, dinner party... anything... to go to where you want your hair to look nice, you wash it 2 days in advance. That 3rd day is the magic day when your hair is finally laying down nicely and has enough hair products in it to pass as being silky smooth. You just invest in a LOT of plastic shower caps so you can shower without getting your hair wet and having to start all over again.

After showers however, this is pretty much we look for the first day.....  I'm not kidding.  This is pretty realistic.  Just make her hair 'blonde' and it's a photo of me on day 1 after a hair wash. 

About three weeks ago I was doing some research on various hair conditioners, as I was ready to delve in and try something 'new' in the hopes that I could make a fair attempt at taming my dry locks.  It just so happens I was approached by a company and asked if I wanted to try and review their SILK18 CONDITIONER.

I did some research on the product, the company and reviews and said sure!

What I expected was a typical conditioner.  No real difference. Nothing that makes it stand out.
What I got was a conditioner that smells so amazing that I would use it JUST FOR THE SCENT ALONE!  ha ha.  Cupcakes. Yummy vanilla cupcakes piled high with frosting and sprinkles.  That is what this smells like!  When it was first delivered, my daughter and I ended up smearing a little bit on the back of our hands just so we could keep raising it to our nose and sniffing it!

And I'm not kidding you, after the very first time using it, I noticed a difference in how smooth my hair felt.  That next day I kept running my fingers through my hair because it felt so good to be able to!  Without a lot of conditioning oil and using a hair straightener, my hair just does not feel that good.  And it did.  Without ANY hair products on it.  Zilch.  Just using SILK18 conditioner.

Maple Holistics has a page dedicated to "Damaged Hair Explained"  which you might find helpful if you have hair that looks like the brunette I featured at the top of this article.  They offer a whole line of products on their site, (apparently including massage oils and lubricants if that's your ah, need?)  but I personally can't speak to any of them except the Silk18 Conditioner that I tried.

If you already have beautiful silky soft, smooth hair, you might not find this improvement impressive but these photos are of my hair after just 2 uses.   If you forgot what my hair normally and naturally looks like, check out that brunette at the top of the page again. 

This is a product I know I never would have heard of if they hadn't reached out to me, but as such, I plan to not only buy it again, but we are hosting a huge wedding weekend at our house and I plan to purchase a couple extras to put in the guest bathrooms.

Thanks to Maple Holistics for letting me try their SILK18 Conditioner for free.  All the commentary and thoughts are mine and mine alone. 

Find more information on SILK18 Conditioner here.


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