June 27, 2019

Product Review: Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo from Maple Holistics

Over the past 10 days I've been trying a new shampoo sent to me from Maple Holistics to try and review on An American Housewife.  I was pretty excited to try it, because if you are a regular reader, you might remember I did a hair conditioner product review for them about six months ago that I loved so much I started to purchase it on Amazon regularly for myself and also decked out our guest bathroom with some for the big wedding weekend we had here in May.

This time was the highly anticipated Apple cider vinegar shampoo, from Maple Holistics

Ever since I was a little girl I've heard great things about using apple cider vinegar on your hair.  I've used it as a rinse a few times in my life but I admit I never got in the habit of it.  Having a shampoo with an apple cider base certainly makes that easier... but I know the question my readers have is "well, what did you think?"

It's a mixed bag.

I know you have to use it for a week or two to see real results, so I've held off making any judgements until it had been in use for awhile.  The bottom line is there are pros... and a con.

My hair seems softer when I run my fingers through it
It had nice natural volume to it at the crown, where it usually goes flat pretty quickly
It seemed to work well with my blonde highlights

The scent
It's primary purpose of clarifying and removing haircare product build-up isn't something I need

Let's touch on that last 'con' a second.  I let my hair dry naturally, I don't use hardly any styling products on it.  Ever.  The most I use would be a little oil/cream on the ends when I want to straighten out some of the natural waves and curls and use my hair straightener. 

Generally speaking, I'm not a girl who uses a bunch of hair care products on my hair so there isn't any build up for the apple cider vinegar to work its magic on!  But for those of you who regularly use creams, sprays, dry shampoo, volumizers and conditioners... this would be your thing. 

It will clarify and bring shine back to your dull hair.  

From the Maple Holistics site product description:

"Remove buildup, restore volume and boost shine with our new, hotly anticipated apple cider vinegar shampoo. One of the most powerful ingredients in personal care, apple cider vinegar provides a variety of benefits for hair and scalp alike. We tap into its full potential in our apple cider vinegar shampoo, providing you with a shampoo that soothes the scalp, removes buildup, clarifies and adds or restores shine. Enriched with natural ingredients like sunflower, argan and jojoba oil, our apple cider vinegar shampoo is is sulfate and paraben-free making it great for all hair types, color treated hair, and sensitive skin."
Also, you may want to check out the article they offer on 20 Tips for Hair This Summer to help protect and care for your hair in the hot summer sun, heat and humidity.

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