July 11, 2019

The Ashley Furniture Rustic Brown Tamonie Farmhouse or Beach Style Chest Coffee Table (with storage) I LOVE IT!

I'm breaking out of the 'recipe' post normal and posting about my coffee table because..... oh my goodness I love it!

I've wanted a new coffee table for a long time but it wasn't a budget priority and ours was... fine.  Our daughter recently got married and about two years ago had called dibs on our furniture, coffee table and side tables (I was going to donate them but she said she would love to have them for her first place, if I was willing to hang on to them until then).  I'm a Mom.  Of course I was!

For the past two years we've been waiting to buy a new coffee table and side tables.  No big deal really.  But I had seen a farmhouse style chest about two (?) years ago that I liked and I book marked it on my Amazon list.  I've researched and priced other tables off and on for two years but for the money (I'm on a single income budget here) this was still my fav.

Background: I love my dining table and kitchen tables (love love love them) and as a surprise, I was thinking about buying one for my oldest daughter.  When I looked it up online, I saw it is no longer available (it's an Ashley Furniture item).  That kind of stabbed my heart a little, but it also made me realize, MY COFFEE TABLE might also soon be discontinued.

I thought about how that would make me feel, to know that the chest style coffee table I've liked from afar for almost two years might suddenly disappear. It wasn't a good feeling.  I've not found another one I like that is as affordable so... I decided to bite the bullet and order it so I wouldn't have to worry!


I just love it so much that I stand in the doorway of the living room and just smile at it.
And it has STORAGE! 
The top has two different compartments.  The first can be lifted up as a desk or table, whatever.  But I hope to use it to store blankets.

The second side also opens.
Oh how this piece makes me happy.

Product details (from Amazon's listing)

Item Weight 126 pounds
Product Dimensions 26 x 46.1 x 18.6 inches
Item model number T830-9
Assembled Height 22 inches
Assembled Width 29.25 inches
Assembled Length 48.75 inches

I can't really quote a price because I bought mine through Amazon and you all know how Amazon's pricing changes constantly.  It can even change within minutes.

As of this very second, I just checked and Target is selling it for $552.  Overstock is selling it for $329.  On Ashley Furniture's site its selling for $431.99.  Just for reference;  I bought it on Amazon for $303 but over the past almost 2 years I've had it on my wish list it's been up to $400 and typically was about $367.  Still a good deal!

I ordered mine from Amazon as it was the best priced (price plus shipping considered on all sites at the time I was researching);

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tamonie Lift Top Coffee Table Rustic, Brown

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