July 17, 2019

Yes, I use power tools (a drill brush) to clean my master bathroom shower! Getting soap residue off stone is frustrating!

Today I was GRUMPY!  Oh so cantankerous!  So this afternoon I found myself thinking "I'm in such a bad mood I should take out my aggression on that stupid shower!"  That's when I stopped my ranting and raving and thought... uh, yeah.  I really should.

Cleaning our master bathroom shower is one of those tasks which I hate to do.  We all have chores and household tasks we don't despise, a few more we don't mind, and maybe even one or two we enjoy doing.  We also have certain tasks we despise.  And we all have DIFFERENT 'hated' housework - so some of you may not mind scrubbing your showers.  I hate it.  Partly because our current home doesn't have normal showers.  It has these weird stone/slate tiles that suck up soap scum like it's a new best friend, grab on tight and hug it for life.

Seriously, getting dried soap or shampoo residue off this particular shower has been a thorn in my side since we moved in.  I've tried pretty much every cleaning product out there... tried as many hacks and hints as I could find.  Nothing really works.

So one day while be-bopping around Amazon, I spied these handy-dandy do-dads that you pop onto the end of your household drill and go to town on your floors, tiles, concrete, pools, walls, whatever.

They have ALL DIFFERENT LEVELS of scrubby brushes and different sizes and styles.  So obviously if you are scrubbing something that is more delicate that concrete or stone, you choose a softer brush.  

I bought two styles - a flat style for the walls and this rounded version to get into the corners.  I found I like the rounded version best as it works from any angle - as compared to the other one having to be flat on the surface.

If you follow me on Instagram than you may have already seen that I posted a video of me using this - and if you don't follow me on Instagram, but want to, I'm "AnAmericanHousewife" - nice to meet you!

First you need a drill.  Pretty much any drill you already own is fine.  I am using our Dewalt drill today but we have a couple different drills.  This one is my husbands favorite because it holds it's charges longer than a couple of the other brands we've had in the past.  But seriously, use whatever drill you have.  I'll add a couple drill links at the bottom of this post as well if you need to look for something.  We bought ours at Lowe's but I'm an affiliate of Amazon so I'll post a link there.

Then you need the drill brush attachment(s).  I bought mine off Amazon back in 2017 and they are still in great shape since I use them for cleaning the bathroom and not, say, the driveway or something.  I just checked and there are oodles of them available now on Amazon - but I'm going to link to the exact one I bought because at the time.  I know mine are legit and not a Chinese knock-off.

Here is a link to their Amazon store showing all the different options:

And THAT is how finally was able to get the stupid soap scum off our stone shower tiles.



And you need scrubby brushes that I already linked to in the post but what the heck,
here you go again...  LINK HERE TO THE SCRUBBY BRUSHES.

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