My favorite sugar free, low carb and keto products from Netrition

I've had this idea for a post for quite some time now, but life tends to get in the way and I never get to researching and getting the code links, etc. for it.   Even today, when I thought I'd have the time to work up a nice 15 item list, I realize that I've had this browser window open for hours (and hours) and kept getting pulled away.

So my list is short but I'm going to publish it anyway as it does happen to have the products I order most often and I truly love, use and trust.

The first one is the sweeteners.  The only issue with liking certain brands of sweeteners, is that over the past 10 years I've seen SO MANY COME AND GO!  Especially in the past 4 years.  Companies jump on the bandwagon I guess, make their millions and move on to something else?  So there are natural sweeteners I have loved that you can't get anymore, and others that are similar or better that have taken their place.  Currently it's hard to find Just Like Sugar and a couple others, but there are other new ones out now that seem to be just as good or better.

So in the end, here is a link to the sweeteners on Netrition.  I like and have used Just Like Sugar, Lankanto, SoNourished and Ideal.  I'm not fan of the Stevia sweeteners for cooking or baking.  (But they seem to do great for drinks or liquids, yogurt, etc.).


Sugar Free BBQ Sauce
G. Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

 If I don't make my own sugar free BBQ Sauce, then this is the one I buy and use.  As a matter of fact, it's my favorite and I've bought this one to keep on hand in the pantry far more often than I've bothered making my own over the past 2 years.  I can find this at Walmart and Publix now too!  There are 3 (?) different versions/flavors.  All are good.

IsoPure NATURAL Powder
Nature's Best IsoPure NATURAL Powder

 I have talked about IsoPure whey protein powder for years!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.  If you choose carefully you will find zero carbs and zero sugar.  They have tons of flavors but for baking I'd stick with the natural, unflavored or the vanilla. 

LC Foods
I think it would take too long to list all the LC Foods products I've tried.  I've liked most of them.  Some are not great but they work, or can be tweaked.  And when you are cooking and baking low carb, sugar free, you realize that you get used to the flavors and textures being just a bit different.  I've tried everything from a marshmallow fluff mix to thickeners to bagels, to pizza crust and cinnamon rolls.  My advice is to give them a try and see what you think.

Great Low Carb Bread Company Bagels

This is the first company I found (years ago) that was making a decent low carb bagel option.  There have been more in the past couple years but these guys were doing it long ago and do it well.  The bagels do taste different than a traditional wheat flour based bagel... but again, when you are doing low carb full time, you adapt to the different tastes.  I always include 2 packages of "onion" bagels in my orders.  And the bagels are better than the fat-head dough bagels that I also make in a pinch.

Quest Bar
Quest Nutrition Quest Bar

Oh Quest bars...  we love you.  But why do you have to be so expensive?  My husband is the 'bar guy' in our family.  I might snack on them during long road trips or camping trips but he takes 1 or 2 bars every morning along with a cup of coffee to go as he heads out the door to work.  He has one during his commute in and another at lunch.  He isn't picky and will eat whatever brand I buy but it's no lie these win, hands down for taste.  I can pick up one or two flavors at Sam's Club sometimes but even on sale they are pricey.  However, Netrition has so many flavors to choose from!  And I love Netritions prices.

Alas, I'm out of room, but I'm happy to share a few of the low carb or sugar free products we like and use from Netrition.  They do offer free shipping for orders over $99 - it used to be $75 but I guess they got so popular they upped it a couple years ago.  They used to offer awesome cool free t-shirts with orders and oh how I miss those!  We've been customers for YEARS so we have most of the designs they offered but they also stopped those a few years ago.  Even with these little changes, I still love the Netrition company... great prices and a great selection.  Also, everything has always been packaged so well.  They are very careful and conscientious with the products and I've never had any issues with this company in any way.  Love them!


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