December 11, 2019

I tried the new Palmini (Hearts of Palm) Fake Pasta Linguine.... and what do I think?

I don't watch television, (no, not at all) and I don't visit cooking blogs or read magazines so I had never heard of the product "Palmini" before, which apparently was a featured product on the TV show Shark Tank.  I happened to see one tiny little ad for it as I scrolled through my Instagram story feed and caught the image of a yummy looking alfredo sauce... and it was served over this new low carb faux 'pasta'. 

Palmini Low Carb Pasta

"Palmini is 100% made out of Hearts of Palm, so if you eat it straight out of the can it will taste like Hearts of Palm. Prepared with a regular pasta sauce and properly rinsed, the resemblance to regular pasta is remarkable."
I wouldn't say it's 'remarkable' but it was good!

You simply drain Palmini and rinse with water, then you can eat it any way you wish, in any recipe or with any sauce.


I've tried many of the 'faux' pastas that are known as Miracle Noodles, Shirataki Noodles, Keto noodles of all brands made from the konjac yam, and I CANNOT eat them.  I gag. I have to force myself.  

They are basically like chewing on rubber bands and worse?  I can't get over the fact that I feel like I'm eating tape worms.  Which, unfortunately is often what they look like after they make their way through your system.  Pieces of tape worms in your...  anyway!  So yes, I've bought them and tried them when I was desperately craving carby pasta like Tuna Casserole but honestly, it's a huge mental and texture block.  I actually threw the last package out into the trash unopened because I couldn't stand the thought of the feel of them in my mouth - no matter how strong the craving for 'noodles' was.  I would prefer to give in an have a carb-fest of real pasta than eat tape-worm looking and feeling things.

But since I DO like to try new 'fake pasta' products, I was game to try these and I knew I'd probably find them at my local Publix grocery store.  And I did!

Hearts of palm tastes and feels like bamboo shoots (you know them from your favorite Chinese food or other Asian dishes perhaps).  The thing is, I've always liked them and I like the taste so I figured I'd be ok with trying them in noodle form as a pasta, but I also knew I'd want them a little more soft and I'd like to try to get rid of the bamboo/palm taste if I wanted to think of them as 'pasta'.  Some people say they can't taste them at all, but I can!  (I genetically have a crazy good nose and therefore, taste buds, thanks to my olfactory system.)

I read their advice of boiling them 5-10 minutes if you wanted a softer noodle (I do) and I thought that would help with diminishing the taste too.  It did.  It actually was difficult to let them boil 5 minutes as I kept thinking they would be too soft and fall apart.  They don't! They were still a bit too al dente (firm to the bite) at 5 minutes and next time I'm boiling them 10 without fear.

I served them with my homemade spaghetti sauce and keto almond flour cheesy garlic biscuits. 

Will I buy them again?  Yes!  I've already tried!

I was at Walmart yesterday and specifically looked for them but my local store doesn't carry them (*yet).  But my local Publix does and although a bit pricey ($3.48 a can last weekend when I purchased these) it's something I'd like to keep on hand when I'm in the mood for 'pasta' but want to do something other than spiralized zucchini noodles, etc.

Apparently they sell these in pouches as well as cans, although I didn't see pouches at my local store.  I did find them available online though.

Palmini Low Carb Pasta - 4g of Carbs - Pouch 12 Oz.

You can also purchase the Palmini Low Carb Lasagna style, which I did see at Publix but I wasn't sure I wanted to try that one yet.  I thought I'd try the linguine style noodles first.  I'm pretty happy with my other faux lasagna noodle options right now, and I also thought that these might taste and 'feel' more like planks of hearts of palm (or bamboo shoots) to me, which would make it hard for me to enjoy the 'lasagna' I made with them.  However, since they are available locally to me, I do plan to purchase them on my next shopping trip and give them a trial run.

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