Keto, Sugar Free, Protein Packed Items, Low Carb and More - Netrition's Year-End Inventory Sale has begun. Lots of discounts on soon-to-be discontinued products, as well as overstock and short dated items.


Netrition's Year-End Inventory Sale has begun. 
Lots of discounts on soon-to-be discontinued products, as well as overstock and short dated items.
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Readers know that generally speaking, my husband and I are completely sugar free throughout the year.  We are also generally low carb most of the year with keto a good portion of it.  I don't worry about being strict between Thanksgiving and Christmas because frankly, I cook and bake for so many people and so many things that it's just exhausting to do both.  (If you are new here - I bake holiday goodies and cookies numbering about 1200 or so?  I've not really counted.  But average 1-4 batches of anywhere between 19-26 different recipes).  

My love is carbs though.  Not sweets.

Homemade stuffing. Gravy. Rolls.  Potato chips. Crunchy. Salty foods.  And yes, even though I don't really crave sweets, there are two cookies I love and this year I had about 5 'regular' cookies made with sugary goodness, 2 pieces of fudge and even sugary marshmallows in one of the cookies.

BUT I did so with the full knowledge that we'd been clearing out the cupboards, refrigerator and pantry and getting BACK ON TRACK right after Christmas.

I am posting the link to Netrition's year-end blow out because not only am I an affiliate of theirs, I became an affiliate because I SHOP there.  

I've shopped Netrition for years and it's my favorite online retailer for items not only for low carb, keto or sugar free, but my husband's protein powder drinks too.  I can find the low carb and sugar free protein drinks there, while most of the options in store have high sugar contents or carbs along with the protein.  No thanks!

I do order from Amazon as well, but many times I not only get better pricing through Netrition, but I trust them a little more.  I don't have to spend a LOT of time reading the small print to make sure the seller (on Amazon) is legit, doesn't have old, used or damaged products.

This morning I got the email from Netrition announcing their end-of-year blow out and while I clicked on it to shop for MYSELF - I realized "duh" I should link it on my page too!  So there ya go.  

I'm off to order my own low carb and sugar free items from Netrition and if you need some items, you are more than welcome to too!


An example of just a couple of the hundreds of items they carry........

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