Where I buy most all my low carb and sugarfree foods... hint: Netrition, Amazon and Publix with a little at Walmart and the local health food store

Christmas is over and it's the time of year my husband and I wait for and look forward to... time to throw out, give away or pack away the foods I have in the house for guests or I used in cooking and baking for guests over the Christmas holiday.  We are SO excited to eat healthy and feel good again.  

For us, our typical way of eating every day is sugar free and low carb.  We don't preach it to anyone, we don't say we are experts, we don't even really talk about it to people unless they notice or they ask or the topic just comes up.  It's just what we do, how we eat, how I cook and bake and it's what we've done off and on since 2003.

I've spoken about this before but I thought it would be a good time to touch on it again.  

Where I honestly buy all my foods/ingredients and which I prefer.




I buy and use Netrition and Amazonfor most all of it.  

I love love love Netrition for so much of it.  I've been ordering from them for about 8 years (?) and I've never had any issues with them, but have had some 'over and beyond' great customer service!  Fast shipping, great packaging, terrific prices, rewards I earn with every order to put towards my next order (usually $5 to $10 off) and they even started to use insulated cooler bags to ship my keto bread and bagel items during 2020.  I was a customer long before I decided to apply to have a link button on my site.

I regularly buy my  Allulose and Lakanto Sweetener at Amazon as I've found the best prices with free shipping and since I'm often ordering other household goods, gifts or shoes from Amazon anyway, it's easy to add a package or two of natural sweeteners into my cart before checking out.  

I can find some options for sweeteners locally at my Publix and Walmart grocery stores but Walmart doesn't carry Allulose and Publix sometimes has it in granular form but the prices are quite high.  My Publix carries a fairly good collection of sugar free or low carb items but unfortunately not only are the prices high, but they often only carry a certain item for a short time and when I go back to buy more of it, they no longer carry it.   I do tend to buy my Palmini  pasta options there as well as picking up a box of Swerve Chocolate or Yellow Cake Mixes to have on hand in case of a 'cake emergency' when I want to whip something up quickly.  We only have one local health food store and they don't carry much in stock, and what they do have is easily double the price of Netrition or Amazon.  They closed down during most of 2020 due to the China Virus quarantines and honestly I'm not sure if they've opened back up yet.  They are not actually very close to where I live and it's a bit of a drive so it's always been easier to order online.

I'm going to list a few random links to various Low Carbohydrate/Keto options at Netrition as it's my favorite online store for sugar free, low carb or keto.  They also stock vitamins, sports nutrition items, bariatric approved items, Paleo, grain-free,  gluten free, herbs, oils, dairy free item and more.... so much more.

Some of these links below I use regularly but others (like chocolate) I rarely buy because I just don't like or use much chocolate in my cooking or baking.  All links will lead you there so you can begin to search for whatever items you might be interested in.  I'm also including some of the products they've featured on their social media accounts... I'm dying to try the low carb option for the popular Pop-Tart style breakfast pastry... but probably not for long.  My next Netrition order, it's so going on it.

Amino Acids 

 Baking Products 


 Bread Products 

 Breakfast Foods 

 Chocolate and Candy 







You can also find most of these items for sale by various sellers on Amazon, and you MIGHT be able to find some of them (a few of them?) at your local retailers.  I can't find most items locally so I regularly order our low carb, sugar free and keto items online.  




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