January 13, 2021

Low Carb and Sugarfree 'pop tart' Review - Legendary Foods Strawberry Tasty Pastries


This morning I received delivery of an order that included a couple low carb/keto items.  I have been anxious to try these, but the cost is outrageous so I put it off and said 'no way' until I finally caved and added them to an order I was placing through Amazon anyway.  

I'm sure many of you who eat keto or low carb and buy online have seen advertisements for the Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry - which is basically a Pop-Tart but a lower carb, sugar free option.  The three I see most often are brown sugar, strawberry and blueberry although they have hot fudge and cake too.  

You can find Legendary Foods at Amazon although I've never seen them in my local food stores (yet).

Because you are probably here wondering what they look like - I'll jump to the finish line and show you the inside of a toasted strawberry pastry.

Now some thoughts.

Although the package says net carbs are 4 grams, that really depends on how you count your carbs.  They have 21 grams, and most people do minus the fiber - which is 8 grams, leaving you with 13 carbs per 'pop tart' style pastry.  If your way of counting/eating includes the erythritol and allulose counts then you can take off 9 more however, in our family we don't subtract those so for my personal count, I would count these as 13 carbs each; which is pretty much my personal limit for the day.  That is STILL much better than a regular toaster pastry that would give you 38g of carbs and 16g sugar!


Straight out of the package.

A little sticky and a weird smell.  Cut is 'off' and not straight. 

Generally speaking though, not bad for presentation.


Here is the underside of the pastry


I do not love 'raw' pastries and when I would rarely eat a Pop-Tart I always had to make sure they were toasted until the edges were brown and crisp.  I liked the flavor much better than 'raw' straight out of the package as many people are willing to eat them.

I had read in reviews that people said the icing would slide off if you tried to make them in the toaster, but when I ordered my own pastries, the package clearly stated they were toastable so I did.

And I was pretty happy with them.  No, the icing didn't slide off so much as 'bake into' the pastry a bit?

I preheated my toaster while opening the box and package and then dropped a pastry in.  It does bubble and sizzle and warp a little bit but I was happy with it.  I knew I wouldn't personally like them microwaved so my other option would have been to put it under the broiler in the oven and I didn't want that hassle.

Nope.  Toaster works FINE.

Straight out of the toaster

Another review talked about lack of filling.  I disagree.  There was plenty of filling and it was good!

The pastry is a bit chewier than a flour based crust obviously because they are made with almond flour, but it was much better than I expected and toasting it until it was nice and golden brown helped the crisp factor.

I shared with my husband to get his opinion and he agreed; we both give these a thumbs up.

Currently I paid a whopping and crazy price of $24.99 for 10 single packaged pastries in a box.  I see they also offer a package of 14 pastries for $34.99.  These are extremely overpriced (as are most keto and low carb products) and at $25 for 10, it's not something I would often buy.  However, I really did want to try them and they were really good so if the price point ever comes down to a more manageable amount, I'd be happy to keep these on hand for a once-in-a-while grab and go snack or breakfast item.



You might be interested in these affiliate links to the products mentioned above.  As of yet I've not personally seen these in any local store but only online.  I ordered mine from Amazon.





  Hot Fudge



  Cake Style


ALL flavors by Legendary Foods at Amazon- including blueberry! 





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