Snack House has NEW keto - low carb snack puffs! Wildberry Cheesecake, Independence Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter and... Chocolate! (Don't forget their keto cereal too!)

As a Netrition customer and affiliate I look forward to their emails telling me what new products they've gotten in and today was not a disappointment!   The one that caught my eye actually was Russell Stover Sugar Free Candies and their Chocolate Candy Coated Peanuts.  Up until now the only alternatives I could find for sugar free Peanut M&M's was the Atkins brand. 

I was super happy to see these options now available (I'll link to them on Netrition for you).   Remember these have carbs though... they are awesome for Diabetics or anyone that can afford a few carbs but doesn't want the sugar.

This cereal always grabs my attention... and I'm not even a big 'cereal' eating kind of girl. 

But you know when you shouldn't have something, that's when you want it.  At least for me.  And honestly, many times I will buy a product like this and keep it in the pantry so I know I CAN have it if I want... and then the craving doesn't overtake my thoughts.  

I figure, they are really really super expensive - (but let's be honest... almost ALL LOW CARB, SUGAR FREE OR KETO FOOD ITEMS ARE!!!)  but when you are like me and you buy it and you have some to quell that crave... knowing full well you can have it again any time you want... well, most of the time I don't want it again for a little while.  Mentally I've moved on to the next 'forbidden' something or other.   

Or, maybe that's just me... ha ha.

While I was looking at the Snack House keto cereal on their site, I clicked on the Snack House foods in general and oh my... another NEW PRODUCT!   And yes... one of these is really, really calling my name.

Do you know which one it is?

Wildberry Cheesecake?

Independence Cake?

Chocolate Peanut Butter?

Chocolate Puffs?

If you are a regular reader, then you probably know... I'm a sucker for white cake!!!  So the CAKE flavor is calling my name. 

Regular An American Housewife readers also know I'm a long long long time customer of Netrition for many of my sugar free, keto and low carb foods.  They were actually the first online company I ever started to buy online from years ago.  They were just 'babies' back then and even gave a free Netrition t-shirt with your order in order to do marketing.  I kept ordering not only for the awesome food options and good prices, but because I really loved all the new t-shirt designs they had.  But alas, low carb and keto eating took off and got popular - and everyone discovered how awesome Netrition was so now they don't have to give away free t-shirts anymore.  Darn.  But I still love them and order all the time.  Ha ha.

You can check them out for almost any healthy way eating, weight-lifting supplements, protein snacks, diabetic friendly foods, etc.  Once again, they are called NETRITION and yes, I really shop there.




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