April 01, 2021

From my Instagram: Southern Style Pulled Pork * Keto Cornbread * Keto Biscuits with King Arthur Keto Flour

Photo from my 2016 post of the recipe (because I'm too lazy to go into the kitchen and take a new one even though this photo isn't very good and today's version is not only beautiful but tastes SO GOOD!)


 If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw me prepping everything for dinner... the menu being:

And I realized that if anyone wanted to come to the blog to get the recipes they'd have to use the search feature and search for them, so I decided to quickly pull them up from my site and link to them.

The pulled pork was posted years ago - probably more than a few times as I've been making it for almost 20 years now.  But I was in a hurry, saw I had posted it in 2016 and so I linked to that one.  I updated it just now to show that I actually like to use about 2/3 c or so of sweetener even though I used to only use 1/3 cup.  I love the version with this amount and then realized when I first started making it I used real brown sugar but about 10 or 12 years ago switched to only having Swerve or similar brown style natural sugar-free sweeteners in the house.  It's possible that is why it takes a little more sweetener now to get that same taste.

I opened the crock after it had been going about 2 hours so I could quickly snap a photo.  It was frozen when I put it in this morning around 8:00 or so and it was completely done tender, perfect and ready to 'pull apart' by 2:00.  SO GOOD.  SO. So. so. Good.






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