April 14, 2021

I'm smitten! Smitten with my new Nesco Vacuum Food Sealer! (Photos too)

Over the years it's no secret I loved my vacuum food sealer.  I think the first time I posted about it was back in 2015 - (this might be the first post mentioning it) and although it was a cheap Weston brand that my husband picked up on clearance at Lowe's for probably about $50, it just now, in 2021 was replaced.  (It's still working fine but the heating element has a couple weak spots during sealing and they don't have my exact model part number heating element in stock so I just decided to get a new one anyway.)

After researching for a couple months and standing in various store aisles debating while staring, shifting my weight from one foot to another, cocking my head sideways and nibbling my bottom lip; I ended up ordering my new vacuum food sealer off Amazon.  

I knew I didn't want to go with a FoodSaver brand.  I also knew I wanted a 'budget friendly' version.  I didn't want a Chinese 'name brand' knock-off that no one has ever heard of.  But I wanted one that had a good reputation, was budget-friendly and got good reviews.

In the end I went with a brand I knew.  NESCO.  I'm pretty sure NESCO is the brand of roaster my grandmother had at her house for a million years before she passed away.  I think she got hers around the late 1930's or 1940 - and for all I know, it's still working to this day for whomever ended up with Grandma's roaster oven after she passed.

The NESCO VS-12 Deluxe  




Here is the manual showing the series I chose and the features.

It has 3 “Seal” settings; Dry, Moist, and Double.  When I saw on some video reviews it offered a double seal option, that was a primary reason I looked closer at this one.  I seal a lot of foods with moisture in them and I love the 'double' seal option!

The second thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this one - that I didn't pay any attention to before I bought it but now I never want to be without it is the PULSE option.

When I sealed foods in the Weston Harvest Guard, it had a built in vacuum/seal but you had no real control over it.  I always ended up getting marinades and juices sucked up to the top of the bag (and out of it) and then the seal wouldn't seal well.  I had to always seal a paper towel inside to try to catch the moisture before it got to the top of the bag or wouldn't seal well.  THE NESCO SOLVES THAT.  

Using the pulse option, I pulse the vacuum until I see the moisture is up near the top, then I simply stop the vacuum and it 'holds' it (the Weston didn't) and then I hit manual seal. It sealed marinated steaks and pork chops perfectly this week.

It also has a 'gentle' vacuum verses a normal vacuum for foods that are more crushable.


When I bought it, I paid $99 but I see today (as of this posting actually) I just went to Amazon to get a link and saw it was $94.99 at this second. 

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