April 02, 2021

My personal favorite substitution for honey and corn syrup since we are sugarfree and low carb/keto ...

I never had a problem giving up real honey when we went sugar free and low carb twenty years ago.  I never really ate it anyway because I absolutely hate the smell and taste of honey! 

However, there times when I've needed honey for a dish or dessert I was making or baking and until I found this one particular brand of imitation 'sugar free' I was never happy with the others or the results of homemade substitutions. (I'll post more on a couple of those below.) 

The one I found about 9 (?) years ago was Honey Tree's brand and I found it at my local Walmart.   But alas, about a year ago my local Walmart stopped carrying it!  I thought it was a Covid shortage thing, so I was patient but it never came back.  Even when I checked online Walmart showed I could order it, but it was not available in any store or to pick up within 50 miles of me.

So now I order it online.

Honey Tree's brand imitation honey looks basically like 'real' honey.  It's also nice and thick like real honey.  It has 17 g carbs per serving but those are all sugar alcohol.  Some people may have digestive issues if they are really sensitive to Malitol, which is what this product is made from.  However!  I am typically sensitive to it in other items and I have no issues whatsoever with this.


1)  My homemade sugar free "Oh Henry Bars"
2)  Sugar Free, Low Carb Pecan Pie
3)  Honey Mustard Sauce for Chicken
4)  Certain Muffin Recipes
5)  Tea
6)  Certain Peanut Butter recipes that call for Honey
7)  Certain Chinese Food recipes that call for Honey

and more (I know other people like it in their oatmeal and their yogurt).

I find this particular brand works wonderful not only as a honey substitute but it's my 'go to' substitute for corn syrup!!  My pecan pie and Oh Henry Bars call for corn syrup and a few years ago I randomly grabbed this to substitute and found it worked so well, I've never bothered using anything else.

NOTES:  I ordered mine from Amazon (in the photo above).  I was more than happy to go back and link to it for my readers but although my order literally just arrived this afternoon, when I went back to the order to link, the price had gone up substantially!

Now, you know how Amazon does that; the price jumps all over the place based on how you find the item, what else you've looked at, whether or not you've had it in your cart or a list for 'awhile' and any other number of reasons based on the tracking cookies on your website.  So if you are ordering it from there, make sure you are happy with the price.  

This is the brand I love for the light taste, thickness, color and texture.  I use it for both 'honey' and 'corn syrup' when I want sugar free.

HoneyTree Imitation Honey 12oz, (Pack of 6)

This is one I've tried and I know a LOT Of people love it.... but not me.  Yes, it's similar in taste but it's not thick!  It's more liquidy even though I don't know if 'liquidy' is a legit word.  If you don't care about the thick corn syrup or honey like texture, then I suppose this is a good choice - especially because it's made with Xylitol instead of Malitol, which some people prefer. 

Nature's Hollow, Sugar-Free Honey Substitute 14 Ounce, Non GMO, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free - 1 Pack

Another Xylitol brand... but again, not the texture and thickness I personally want.  Great brand though if you don't care how thick it is.

Health Garden Birch Xylitol Sugar Free Honey - Non GMO - Kosher - Made in the U.S.A. (14 oz)

This one is not a 'equal' for measurement option but it's one I have used for small amounts.  When I make our honey mustard sauce for my pecan crusted chicken breasts, I sometimes grab this one to make it with!  I just start with about 1/3 cup mustard and I add some of this Allulose and keep 'taste testing' until I'm happy with the flavor.    I LOVE this sweetener and I can get it at my local grocery store (for now - until they stop carrying it as usually happens). 

Wholesome Sweeteners Allulose Zero Calorie Liquid Sweetener, No Glycemic Impact, Non GMO, Gluten Free & Vegan, 11.5 oz 







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