May 18, 2021

3 Tiered Monster's Inc Cake - Mike Wazowski, Sulley and Boo's door (and 7 other doors too)

 (Name edited out of photo)


The height of the bottom layer was about 6 inches tall by 11 inches across.  Boo's door was 4.25 inches and then I used fondant to make the outside of the door and the red light.  So my concern was that the bottom layer had to be tall enough for the door and the gray 'scare factory' door frame that collected the screams; and that Sulley and the characters were the correct heights.

The second layer was a couple 8 inch cakes - and the furry frosting makes them about an inch wider on each side so that was perfect.  The top is a couple 6 inch cakes baked in small round Wilton pans.

The Disney Pixar Monster's Inc figures all came in a set (available here) -  


For Boo's door I ordered a fondant/cookie cutter from JB's Cookie Cutters (I ordered from their website - I don't think they sell on Amazon?)

Sulley's fur was done with this large size 'grass' and 'fur' frosting tip:  




I already had a bunch of Wilton gel food color pastes but I also bought this set just in case I needed/wanted more colors to work with.  I ended up using them the most for Sulley's cake.  I used the Grape Purple, the Violet and the Pink to make the lighter colors in his fur.  I also used the greens for Mike's fondant and the sky blue in Sulley's fur along with the gel paste.  Lastly - I used one or two little drops of the Sunset yellow and the red when I was making the doors and flowers.  These really came in handy!





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