From Todays Instagram: Solar Cooking - making our dinner (garlic lemon pork roast) in my sun oven



If you are here because of my post on Instagram today... this is for you.  :)

Yes, I really do bake and cook meals in our sun oven.  I have posted about it (as well as recipes) a few times over the past 8 (?) or 9 (?) years.  I bought mine years ago and yes... I love it.  

Today I'm making a lemon garlic pork roast for dinner.  In the past I've baked or cooked everything from chicken to beef roasts, pulled pork to cakes.  Cookies and even pastries (search for the post on Dutch Letter Pastries... yum!)

My exact oven isn't sold anymore, but the business still makes them, they've just changed how they look a little bit and they are blue now instead of black.  


Here is 'my' sun oven - the All American.  Although again, they've changed a couple tiny things since I bought mine in 2012 (?).  They are about $100 more now in 2021 than what I paid, but for being almost 10 years ago, that's not too bad!

All American Sun Oven- The Ultimate Solar Appliance



This version below is a package deal - mine came with these accessories and 2 baking/roasting pans... this one doesn't come with the pans but you do get the drying racks and parchment paper.  There are many more styles and versions and sizes available from other companies;  some are folding for easy travel... I've not tried them as this is the only brand and style I've used but there are plenty to choose from.


Sun Oven All American with Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package  





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