July 18, 2021

Using Tattler lids and gaskets with a canister attachment and food sealer

I use Tattler lids for canning (see onions on the right) but wondered if I could use them with my canister attachment and food sealer too?


I wondered if the Tattler style canning lids and seals would work with my canister attachment on my food sealer.... and that is how this post was born.

If you own one of the food sealers that work with the mason jar attachment sets, you probably already have realized the wide mouth size work better than the 'regular' sized.  There are hints and helps to try to get the regular mouth sized jars to seal - and keep their seal - as they often either don't seal at all, or will 'pop' their seal if you check them a few hours later.  

One of the hints to help seal the mason (ball/kerr etc) jars is putting a
second metal lid over the first and then when you lift the canister sealer off,
it takes the second lid off and the first (in theory) seals your jar airtight. 
This does work (most/some) of the time, but it's not reliable like
the wide mouth size are. 

This past week I had a bag of celery to use up and dehydrated it for the pantry.  Typically I just close the jar with a screw top since I don't want to have to deal with the food sealer and canister, knowing it will take a few attempts to seal the small sized jars perfectly. 

However, this past spring I bought Tattler lids and seals and I wondered if they would work with my canister food sealer.  

The short version of the story?


Tattler lids work with my canister food sealer for mason jars
I was just going to use a screw top, but really wanted it air-tight. I tried Tattler lids on a whim!

It sealed perfectly the first time - and no tricks needed like with the metal lids

I tested the seal at 12 and 24 hours because with metal lids the seal has usually popped by then if it's going to (again: the WIDE mouth seal beautifully but for some reason the smaller regular sized mouth lids don't work as well with canister sealer attachments) but the Tattlers sealed perfectly.  I checked seals before posting this and yep;  still as perfect as when I first sealed them.

NOTE:  The only note I will add is that I rinsed the rubber gasket in water and shook it off just before sealing.  I put it on the plastic lid - and was careful there were no drops of water or moisture on the plastic lid at all (because you don't want moisture in your dehydrated foods).  I did not boil the gasket, just rinsed it so it would be damp for a good seal. 

Sealed quick and easy in mere seconds. 

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