My latest low-carb grocery trip to Sam's Club (insert Costco for other times)

I get my receipts sent to me electronically, since I use the Scan N Go app to grocery shop.  I just deleted it out of my email, but it's what prompted me to do a quick post on An American Housewife, as it's food related and I'm not in the mood to post a recipe today anyway.

Our family is generally sugar free, low carb, keto and we never go out to eat or get food delivered or use fast food - so all meals, every day, are made at home. 

Most are prepared completely from scratch, as I don't buy many prepared foods.  Not only are prepared foods more expensive and have preservatives and chemicals in them we just don't want; but when you eat low carb or keto, most processed or prepared foods have ingredients that are not good for you and almost always have added sugar.

Because of our way of cooking and eating, membership stores like Costco and Sam's Club work well for us.  They are the "main" grocery store and then I fill in the other items we need and use from either Walmart grocery or our other local grocery store chain. 

This trip is 'fairly' typical but not entirely as there were a couple other factors - like we had just returned home from a weeks vacation away.  Prior to vacation I was using up all the fresh foods that could go bad while we were away, and I shopped out of our own freezers and pantry to pack many of the foods we took with us to prepare and eat all our meals in the rental house.  

This is the most recent trip to the grocery store (from my receipt)

Cheddar Cheese
Heavy Cream
Half and Half
Chicken Thighs - skinless, boneless
Chicken Thighs - bone in and skin on
Almond Milk - unsweetened
Broccoli - fresh
Bananas (for baby and husband)
Chuck Roasts (3 pks) - for grinding into hamburger and for roasting
Pork Loin (2) - to cut for pork roasts, pulled pork and into pork chops
Bread - Keto for me and Dave's for my husband (who can have far more carbs than I can)
Lemon Juice
Taco Seasoning, Cilantro, Minced Onion and Black Pepper
Bacon Pieces (the real, cooked bacon pieces - not imitation bits)
Crushed Tomatoes
Black Olives
Alfredo Sauce
Olive Oil
Avocado Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar

Normally I'd also have these items but either we didn't need them yet - OR they weren't in the budget this time around since I had to buy a lot of meat/chicken to replenish our freezer stores.  These items will be on the next trip after next pay day.

Sliced Cheese
Hard cheeses
Sour Cream
Cream Cheese
Almond Flour
Chicken Breasts
Rib-Eye Steaks
Low Carb Tortillas
Feta Cheese
Blue Cheese
Shredded Cabbage
Lettuce Mix
Peppers - red, yellow, orange
Cauliflower - riced, frozen
Cauliflower - fresh if they have it (Costco and Sam's don't always carry this item)
Ranch Dressing - refrigerated section
Pulled Chicken (BBQ) Pre-made
Smoked Turkey
Deli Ham
Bacon - thick sliced
Salted Mixed Nuts

For filling in at the local grocery level this list is usually:

Natural sweeteners like erythritol with monk fruit - (Lakanto, Swerve, etc.)
sugar free ketchup
sugar free bbq sauce
sugar free condiment sauces (G Hughes is a must for their 'famous cluckin' sauce & BBQ Sauce)
Sugar free pancake syrup
Zucchini and yellow squash
green onions
Beef Ribs for BBQ Ribs (we don't like pork for our BBQ Ribs and prefer Beef)
Taylor Farms Cabbage Salad mixes (I check for the lowest carb and sugar counts (8 carbs, 2/3 sugars)
Strawberries, and sometimes watermelon or pineapple
Tomato Paste
Spices - especially coriander, cayenne, chipotle
Hot dogs - sometimes
Liquid Aminos or coconut aminos
Sugar Free Coffee Creamer (for my husband)
Sugar free vanilla syrup
Cocoa Nibs for baking
Sugar Free chocolate chips
Unsweetened baking chocolate
Low Carb, Sugar Free Hard Seltzers

Gosh... I'm sure there are more but that's about the end of my brain thinking power on this subject right now!  ha ha.

Final Notes:  A lot of the keto or low carb items we use, I buy online through Netrition or Amazon, etc. Although I've found my local Publix grocery store currently carries a number of items I love (yay!) but low carb, keto or sugar free items are usually 'hit or miss' in the stores and often they carry them for a few months and stop.

Because I order many of these items online, those items aren't on my local shopping list above.  These include items like: 

Keto Pastas
Keto Bagels
Sugar Free Marshmallows
Natural Sweeteners in place of sugar
Sugar Free Candies
Sugar Free Syrup
Keto Ice Cream Cones
Zero Carb, Zero Sugar Whey Protein Powder
Torani Sugar Free Syrups

And more...


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