Reposting: Grinding wheat to make bread, cakes, muffins and more; the grain mill I own and the wheat I buy (including photos)



Although we typically eat low carb and sugarfree (which means little or no wheat products) when we do eat wheat (because who doesn't love homemade bread!?) I order whole, non GMO, heritage wheat berries and grind them myself.  (Link to the wheat I buy for grinding here)  These are also the wheat berries I store in our emergency pantry.

I've posted previously about how when I first decided to try to grind my own wheat, I wanted to make sure this was something I really wanted to do before I invested a few hundred dollars in an electric grinder.   So I invested in a small mill; and I loved using hand milled wheat but, it took me about an hour to grind enough wheat berries to make 2 loaves of bread. That's when I knew I wanted to invest in an electric mill.

In the end this is the one I got: The WonderMill (which also grinds dried beans, rice and corn - not just wheat)

Here is mine....

  • The World's Cleanest, Quietest, Easy To Use Mill
  • High speed, stainless steel mill will not overheat your flour
  • Maintenance and trouble free design - no gumming, jamming or glazing
  • 12-cup capacity flour receiver doubles as a convenient storage canister
  • 1-3/4 hp motor, 120 volts, Lifetime Warranty

To make a loaf of bread previously, it took about 45 minutes of cranking the Victorio hand-crank (off and on - my arms got tired) to get enough flour ground. With the WonderMill I had my flour ready in about a minute.
  • Highly Certified - Wondermill Grain Mill has the World's most demanding electronic Testing and Certification Standards - UL (for USA), CSA (for Canada), and CE (for Europe and UK).
  • Easy To Use and Clean - Simply fill the hopper with the grains and get the super-fine flour at temperatures that preserve nutrients. There is no need for additional attachments to store the flour, simply put a plastic bag in the canister and grind! It is easy to maintain and clean this grain grinder. The grinding process is virtually dust free and trouble free, as the product design eliminates any possibility of gumming, jamming or glazing. There are no small parts or gaskets to misplace.
  • Excellent Quality - The World's #1 rated electric mill grinder is BPA Free and quickly grinds the grains and beans. It is the most powerful and the long lasting Mill in the World that comes with 1250 Watts motor. This electric grinder can grind over 100 pounds of flour in an hour.
  • High Quality - The most powerful micronizing mill's milling chamber and fins made from stainless steel which eliminates overheating the flour.
  • Includes - Every WonderMill product comes along with a limited lifetime warranty

Freshly ground wheat berries - still warm from grinding

Be sure you only use it for 'dry' grains (not things like almonds, which have oils) and you start the motor running before adding your wheat berries.





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