April 23, 2022

An actual grocery shopping receipt from one year ago verses today: Exact Same Item Price Comparison - Inflation! Plus a tiny bit about Food Storage

I have shopped the same 3 stores as my primary grocery and household item 'go to' places for almost ten years now so it's easy for me to mentally price compare and 'out of stock' compare while shopping.  

Yesterday, while starting to think about this weekends shopping trip(s) I decided to make it official.  I wanted to compare one year ago with this weekends pricing; this was easy to do because I have access to all my receipts and I tend to buy the same or similar items for our household.

NO SURPRISE was the price increases.  Actually, some from a year ago had gone up up up for the past 11 months and then went back down a little bit lately, but others have gone so high I can't even buy them any longer (crab cakes and steak, I'm looking at you!).   But the real surprisebutnotreally is all the items that are continuously 'out of stock' or 'no longer available'.  I have seen quite a few items over the past year that went 'poof!' and were never seen again at my stores (like the blue cheese dressing at our membership warehouse among many more items....)

Without further adieu, here is a QUICK (really quick) thingy I worked up that shows my receipt for 1 year ago with my typed in "TODAY'S" pricing next to it - or if the website said they were out of stock or it was no longer carried, etc.

This was a "STOCK UP" trip:   Anticipating price hikes and out of stocks I was buying more meats and poultry than usual so I could stock the freezer.  But this ended up being great for 'price comparison' now, a year later!




I went ahead and grabbed a receipt from 2 months ago (February, 2022) to show some random prices on items I don't actually buy often but I thought my readers might be interested. 

This trip was also a "PANTRY STOCKING" trip - where I was buying a lot of 'weird for me' purchases along with some of my normal shopping. The 'weird for me' is because I keep things on hand that in times of need I'd be happy to eat and use (like pancake mix and jelly) and because I prep with extended family members in mind.

Just for interest - a shopping list and price from February (and beef, chicken, dairy and seafood have gone up since this receipt 2 months ago.)


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