May 04, 2022

Keto Chili... review of using Eden Organic Black Soy Beans in my regular chili

Some people don't believe chili should have beans, others don't believe chili should be made without them.  I'm of that camp.  I've never been happy with 'keto' or 'low carb' chili because I miss beans in it.  Usually I make the decision to have a carb binge and use the beans if I'm craving chili, because yes, chili needs beans!

So enter these... difficult to find, but I finally prioritized them in our food budget and ordered 6 cans online.  A GAME CHANGER FOR US.

They are Eden brand black soy beans.  Not 'black beans' (totally different bean) but black soy beans.

Eden Black Soybeans are organic and U.S. family grown.  They are soaked overnight, and pressure cooked with kombu seaweed at their certified organic, (and kosher) cannery. 

Total carbs are 11 grams but 6 of that is fiber.  Adding one or two cans in your entire pot of chili makes this totally doable.  

When it comes to chili I generally have a basic starting point with ingredients and amounts, which I've been making this way literally since the day we were married - but always 'add' and 'delete' and play with it based on what I have on hand, what I want to use up, etc.  I like to use sausage and diced beef or leftover steak in mine because I really (really) don't like chunks of browned ground beef.  I have hated it my entire life (and used to get in BIG trouble for picking it out of my chili, beef stew and taco salads when I was a kid).  So - you do you.  Use ground beef if you wish!  Play with it.  But the point is - these Eden Black Soybeans are AWESOME IN IT. 

I open the 2 cans of beans, put them into a wire colander and run them under cold water to rinse them, and then dump them in.  Taste and feel like regular chili beans.


Eden Black Soybeans in our low carb recipes... a game changer for chili

 Here they are, rinsed and ready to be dumped in.

A close up of Eden Black Soybeans

Leftover steak to use in our chili...  I often make an extra piece or two just FOR chili later that week!

This is a low carb and/or regular chili but if you need to make it even less carbs to fit into your counts, leave the onions and green peppers out - you could substitute some onion powder to help, which still has carbs but less than a whole, regular onion. 
1 lb. ground beef or diced beef of choice, or even leftover beef or steak
4 or 5 slices bacon, diced or cut (or a handful of 'real' bacon crumble pieces like Hormel brand)
1/2 lb. sausage - Italian - mild, spicy - it's up to you (or just use ground pork for really mild chili, or leave it out completely and just add a little more ground beef)
1 large onion (or 2 medium), diced
1 small/medium green pepper, diced
2-4 t fresh minced garlic
1 can mild green chilies
2 t Worcestershire Sauce
1 T chili powder
1/2 T cumin powder
salt and pepper
2 cans Eden Black Soybeans (rinsed) - or regular chili beans (not rinsed) if you aren't low carb
2 cans 14/15 oz. diced tomatoes or 1 large 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes or tomato puree
1 8 oz. can tomato sauce
*optional but good if you don't care about carbs - 1 can refried beans

Brown the bacon, add the sausage/meats to brown with the onions and green pepper.  Add the seasonings.  Dump all into a stock pot or a crock pot (or instant pot) with the beans and tomato products.

Simmer from 3-4 hours to all day to cook or use a faster chili setting on the instant pot if you  need to serve faster.

Here is a quick snap on my phone of everything I dumped in the Instant Pot
and cooked on low as a slow cooker or crock pot all day.



THE BEANS:  I looked everywhere locally where I live and no grocery stores carried these.   Just regular high carb 'black beans' and turtle beans, etc.  So I finally gave up and gave into spending the money to buy them online.  

I regularly order from 3 places anyway that HAD THEM.  One is Swanson Vitamins, the other was Netrition and of course, Amazon.  

Eden Organic Black Soybeans at Amazon

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