Solar Cooking in My Sun Oven - everything from pies and cakes to muffins, cookies, beef, pork, chicken, casseroles and well... anything!


I have been cooking in my SunOven for almost ten (10) years or so - and mentioning it in posts on this website for pretty much all those years!  I realized that when I mentioned it on my Instagram feed today, a lot of my followers may be too new to know I use solar cooking; or may want more information or ideas for what they can make in it now that many seem to be looking at items for alternative ways to cook or bake.

I cook and bake  in  my solar oven very frequently.  Although I use it year round, I use  it  probably three times a week from May through September.  It's used for  everything from roasted chicken, roasts, pork roast, beef casseroles, lasagnas, bbq pork and French  Dips, to breads, muffins, pies, cakes and cookies.

I  love being able to cook and bake without heating up the house or  using  electricity when I know the grid is getting heavy use from all the neighborhood home A/C's and other appliances running during the hot summer.

I originally thought I'd find all my previous posts and list them here but you guys - there are more than I thought!  I'm just going to leave the ones I started to post but tell you, at the top of the page there is a SEARCH feature - just pop in a 'solar oven' or similar phrase and you can see them all.  

*NOTE: Some product links might be old and outdated as they are from 2012-2019.   Glancing over old posts, I see that Amazon currently is sold out or not selling the particular one I bought as I think the company is swamped (?) but the links will still lead you to search for other brands and styles that are still available to purchase through Amazon.  I did note my brand oven looks like it might still be available direct from the official company website although I'm not a direct affiliate of theirs (I should be though!  I've just never applied to their program...).


Some random items I make in the solar oven......

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