Solar Cooking in My Sun Oven - everything from pies and cakes to muffins, cookies, beef, pork, chicken, casseroles and well... anything!


I cook and bake  in  my solar oven very frequently.  It's used for  everything from roasted chicken, roasts, pork roast, beef casseroles, lasagnas, bbq pork and French  Dips, to breads, muffins, pies, cakes and cookies.

I  love being able to cook and bake without heating up the house or  using  electricity when I know the grid is getting heavy use from all the neighborhood home A/C's and other appliances running during the hot summer.

I originally thought I'd find all my previous posts and list them here but you guys - there are more than I thought!  I'm just going to leave the ones I started to post but tell you, at the top of the page there is a SEARCH feature - just pop in a 'solar oven' or similar phrase and you can see them all.  

*NOTE: Some product links might be old and outdated as they are from 2012-2019.   Glancing over old posts, I see that Amazon currently is sold out or not selling the particular one I bought as I think the company is swamped (?) but the links will still lead you to search for other brands and styles that are still available to purchase through Amazon. 


Some random items I make in the solar oven......

2022 Update:  "My" brand solar oven seems to be hard to find now but there are other brands made as well as instructions online on how to make one of your own.
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