June 20, 2022

Another installment of the price comparisons in groceries from 1 year ago and 2 months ago..........

On April 23rd (just 2 months ago) I posted a grocery shopping receipt from the year before (April 2021) compared to one year later (April 2022).  I noted which items were no longer available, or what the price was.

This afternoon I was checking on a couple prices for my next grocery shopping list and was happily surprised to see that for the first time in almost 2 years, their site states that salmon burgers are available.  TWO YEARS they've been gone but apparently, at least for now, they are back!  I remembered my April post here on An American Housewife and that they weren't available then; and thought that perhaps other food items from that list had changed as well. 

I took my original list from APRIL 2021 and noted the APRIL 2022 price and availability - followed it up by looking online at their prices today JUNE 2022.  Here is a little snippet:



As you can see, butter is up $5.00 from a year ago, my 'regular' eggs haven't been available in months (I switched brands and styles), even paper towels are up from just a year ago.  Pulled Chicken may be up $5 for a little 2 lb. package but hey, apparently they have my salmon burgers back in stock!

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