Keeping Freeze Dried Foods Fresh and Dry after Opening: I food seal in mylar and vacuum sealer bags (PRODUCT LINKS INCLUDED IF YOU NEED THEM)

This isn't a post I had planned on putting on my site but there is interest, and it's pretty important so this afternoon, I'm making a post on An American Housewife instead of 'just' a quick fly-by post on Instagram.

I love freeze dried foods in #10 cans.  LOVE them.  These are freeze dried foods good for 25+ years and protected in a can.  But, once they've been opened, they can get stale rather quickly as air can now enter the food product.  

If we don't plan to use up the food in about a week, I opt to food seal.  Fruits are normally gobbled up pretty quick, but things like the entree meals and meats or poultry would be used less frequently simply because I don't want to serve say, 'chicken' 5 meals in a row; or serve 'creamy pasta and beef' every other night for a week straight.  

That's where my food sealer comes in handy.


After one or two meals using the product, there is usually enough room to divide the food into approximate serving size amounts (I did 2 cups per pouch here), vacuum sealed and put back into the can with the lid on to store in the pantry.

I also use mylar bags - here is the complete entree 'creamy pasta and beef' in a mylar
since I'll use a larger portion of that for an entire meal (as compared to the diced chicken in which I usually use about 2 cups for a meal).

A quick video showing a food sealed bag of freeze dried diced chicken...


Products related to the post: I bought my food sealer and bags all from Amazon and am providing links here for any readers who want to check them out. 

  I currently have a Nesco Vacuum Sealer although I see on Amazon (at the time I'm making this post) it's out of stock.   Prior to this one, I owned a very basic Weston brand which served me well for years until I needed to upgrade.   FoodSaver brand sealers are popular and available at almost any retailer - I've even seen them for sale at my grocery store.  

As for the food vacuum sealer bags - I use various brands.   I buy mine online through Amazon because it's the best price.  For a few years I ordered from the same company but in 2020/Covid times everything got wonky and shortages were everywhere.  Since then, I go by reviews and pricing and buy accordingly.

The food items being sealed in this post were the NutriStore Creamy Pasta and Beef (you can order through Amazon or their site).


Also, the diced chicken.  They offer grilled chicken but this particular one is just plain, cooked, diced chicken.  Great for things like Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Tacos, Chicken Salad, etc.   


As for the mylar bags... 


  When it comes to mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, I only use one brand, and that is PackFreshUSA.  I've ordered from them for years and like all the different products and sizes I've bought from them.   



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