Chocolate Seashells - White and chocolate edible beach shells, homemade and so pretty

 Homemade Chocolate Seashells, all edible chocolate

Homemade Chocolate Seashells - An American Housewife

We have a small family gathering coming up and I decided to go with a simple 'beach theme'.  I got it in my head I wanted simple Belgian Chocolate Shells as well.  

Umm, it's mid July and it's HOT.  Like, 100 degrees hot.  There is no way I am ordering chocolates to be delivered as they would be a gooey mess when they arrived and a complete waste of money.  However, shells would go so well with the theme that I decided I would just make my own.

If you are a regular reader, you know I hate working with chocolate.  I hate chocolate to begin with, but I hate working with it even more.  It's messy and takes up a bunch of bowls, spatulas, utensils and space. It's messy.  So messy.  And I hate cleaning up the bowls and dishes after.  I just hate everything about chocolate.

But darnit, I wanted chocolate seashells for the dessert table.  So, I quickly ordered some molds, used Candy Melts I already have (keep) on hand, and whipped up these white and chocolate candy seashells in about 25-30 minutes, start to finish, including clean-up.

 Vanilla and chocolate candy melts - edible seashells
I bought two sets of molds.  The first was the well-known Wilton clear plastic molds you can buy at any Walmart, any Michaels, etc. as well as any store that sells candy making supplies.  But I also ordered some silicone molds.  I really love how this particular set of molds turned out...   

The molds filled with melted chocolate candies 

I opted to use white and chocolate but obviously you could make them any color you wish.
I used just a tiny bit of edible gold sprinkle powder/glitter on some as well. 

I put them into the refrigerator for about 5 minutes and then popped them out of their molds. 

I like the shells from the pink silicone molds better than the smaller shells from the hard plastic molds but they are both nice!

Comparing them:  the first is the silicone mold edible seashells 

And the Wilton mold edible seashells


Here are some close ups

Edible homemade chocolate shells

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Chocolate Seashells - edible chocolate shells

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Candy Melts melt very quickly, easily and smoothly.  I also had some regular chocolate chips on hand for the brown shell details; I melted but they do not melt as easy, and it hardens so quickly.  Candy Melts are much easier to use.  I keep them on hand in many different colors.

Wilton Light Cocoa and Bright White Candy Melts Candy Set, Vanilla & Chocolate Candy Melts

These are the exact silicone shell molds I used; I actually linked directly to them from my own personal order so it's the same seller as well.  There are a lot of the same or similar molds on Amazon though so I suspect it's the same molds with many different sellers or under many names as they are of course, from China.

Seashell Silicone Mold



I also bought this Wilton seashell candy mold at the same time.  It was fine but I admit I like the details of the other molds better.  I'm mixing both of them together though, for shells of all shapes and sizes so it works out well to have a variety.

Wilton Seashell Candy and lollipop Mold 







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