Puff Pastry Cheese Bites

In July our extended family gathered for our annual vacation together.  We eat all our meals 'in house' during the week and invariably we always have foods leftover.  Much of it is divided up between families to take back with them depending on their eating styles, how far they are traveling, etc.  This year the Brie came back home with me and I had intended on serving it a couple times after that but I never did.

Last night I was determined to finally make the pastry wrapped Brie, and thawed the pastry out in anticipation of doing so.  Unfortunately it's been a few months since the vacation I bought it for, and it was no longer a mild, buttery, delicious brie.  It had turned.  Now it smelled more like the Westvleteren cheese gifted to my husband last Christmas that was so strong it filled the house with the smell of broccoli gone bad (but tasted much milder and more delicious than it smelled).  But no... the Brie (as I suspected)  was not good any longer so I tossed it.  

Now I had pastry to use and although I would have loved to whip up my favorite vanilla custard to polish cream cake out of it, I really had cheese on the brain.  I had just purchased white cheddar cheese curds the day before - perfect!

I just kind of made this up as I went along, but I enjoyed them and decided it is a finger food appetizer I could easily serve in the future - and I could add many different herbs or spices to change the flavor just a bit, as well as different dipping sauces.

Puff Pastry Cheese Bites

1 sheet puff pastry, thawed and rolled out a bit
Cheese curds or mozzarella sticks cut to bite sized pieces
1 egg
1 t water
1/4 t salt
Sauce of choice to dip (marinara, ketchup, garlic butter, etc.)
 Roll the pastry out gently on parchment to seal the seams.  Cut into 24 pieces (6 rows of 4).
Place a cheese curd in the middle of each pastry and roll up and press to cover.
Beat the egg with water and salt to make an egg wash.
Brush the bites with the egg wash and bake on an ungreased non-stick baking sheet
at 375 until golden brown and puffed; about 17 minutes.
Some cheese might ooze out and brown; it pulls right off easily and leaves a pretty pastry cheese bite.

Good with garlic butter, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, ketchup, etc.

Cut the pastry into 24 pieces

A cheese curd on each rectangle

The egg wash helps them turn golden

The beaten egg wash ready to brush on the bites

Into the oven.......

Straight from the oven - hot and fresh.  The cheese that oozed out is easily snapped right off

Dipped in hot garlic butter

I added some hot garlic butter to ketchup and thought it was delicious with these!







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