Proverbs 21:20 
"In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has."

Whether it's a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or a man made disaster,  there isn't an area to live where you shouldn't prepare to provide for yourself or your family in the case of a disaster.  

If you've read my website for any amount of time, you have probably noticed me mentioning (in passing) food storage, stocked pantries, cooking in my solar oven, dehydrating foods, reviewing freeze dried long term storage products, etc.  Even though food storage is a passion of mine, it's not a topic I preach on; but it is a way of life for us, and millions of people in America.

This used to be a way of life for almost everyone.  It's only in the past 30 years that people have started to rely on everyone but themselves in case of emergencies; small or large and it's gotten especially bad in the last 8 or 9 years!  The thing is, it's not the governments job to take care of you in case of emergencies.  It's your job to take care of you (and your family).  We all have personal responsibility.  Sure, they may send in help eventually, and they will send out a humanitarian effort, but even the government itself tells you to have an emergency bag you can grab if you need to evacuate your home quickly and to have at least 3 days food, water and medications in your home at all times. 

"All food, water, medications and other items you might need in the event of an emergency of any type as it may take the federal government or other personnel up to 3 days to get help to you."   

"FEMA suggests every family
 or individual has emergency stores 
to last 72 hours."

Even a little bit is better than nothing at all.

There is no one plan that will fit everyone!  Every family has different dynamics.  Likes and eats different foods.  Has different medication needs, physical needs.  Different skill sets and interests. Different focuses on what is important to them.  Live in different areas of the country where you need to change your preps to accommodate thus.  Different budgets.  Different fears. 

A 'basic' plan will include;
  • Shelter and comfort
  • Water
  • Food
  • Protection and safety
You should have a "get home bag" in your vehicle to help you get home from work or traveling if something happens while you are on the road.
A 72-hour bag ready to grab and go in your home in case of a fast emergency evacuation.
A stocked pantry and cupboards with at least a bare minimum of 3 days worth of foods for your family - preferably 10 days.
Special items for babies, toddlers, medically dependent family members and the elderly.
Don't forget your pets!  Got extra bags of food tucked away for them?
Ways to store and/or purify water.
Ways to heat water and food.
Candles or other lighting.
Home security of some sort that you are comfortable with.
A communication plan for your family and a meeting place or emergency plan in place
Sanitary conditions may be effected depending on the situation; toilets may not be usable.

Search for your favorite freeze dried foodsFood and Drink
Start your search for 72 hour kits, bug out bags: here
Emergency food kits, freeze dried foods, dehydrated foods, canned foods;  start a search here

(A quick and easy way to start stocking is to purchase pre-boxed kits in 5 day, 14 day, 3 month or even 6 month packages.  It takes the initial 'first step' for you if you don't really know where to start.)


1 Timothy 5:8 New American Standard Bible

But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 


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