Back to the 50's Soda Fountain for a Malt... In a Cupcake!

Let's go back to the 50's tonight!  It's a soda fountain 'malt' (shake) in a cupcake!

A fun cupcake dessert to transport you and your date to the malt shop on Saturday night! Rock around the clock, root beer floats, saddle shoes and poodle skirts! Easy to make; I made and decorated about 50 cupcakes for 50's themed event and not one was leftover.

Cupcakes: baked and cooled completely
Plastic straws and scissors
Frosting with a round 'O' shaped tip and decorator bag
Maraschino Cherries in a jar - drained and dry

Cut the straws down about 3-4 inches to make them shorter 
and bend the sipping end

Walmart sells cherries with the stems still attached!

Swirl frosting on each cupcake.
Top with a cherry and sprinkles and finish it off
with a bendy straw!
A malt-shop cupcake!
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  1. I think these are SO cute! What a good idea, I am totally going to make these sometime.

  2. Thank you for this ADORABLE idea! I'm having a Rockabilly party tomorrow night and will add these to the menu. :)


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