Check that White Bread Label

Would you take a perfect little white cupcake, remove the wrapper, add some turkey, lettuce, tomato and maybe just a smear of mayo?  Eww, yuck!  Probably not.

But wait!  Did you know that by putting those ingredients on your white bread, you are almost doing just that? 

White bread is so very similar in ingredients that you might as well be eating cake.

Check out the ingredient list!  You'll likely find high fructose corn syrup is near the top, right after the 'white' flour that has been so 'enriched' that it is now so bleached and processed that there is almost no nutrition left.   Yes, there are some white breads that have improved their nutritional content (finally!)  but you have to read the label to see if you're getting grains or the equivalent of a cupcake.

If you have kids like mine, they may balk at having to eat wheat bread, but what really gives it away is the brown color.  Thankfully there are now options in the store for whole grain goodness that looks and feels like white so your kids get the sandwich they want while you know you are giving them a healthier alternative than smearing jelly on a cupcake and feeding it to them for a 'healthy' lunch.Print Friendly and PDF