Homemade Seasoned Japanese Rice Vinegar

On one of my other websites that focuses on cooking I was providing some great recipes for herbal vinegars to use some of the harvest of our gardens as well as providing a delicious addition to our meals and a great (frugal) gift; when it hit me - I needed to get a recipe on this site as well!

The one I'm picking tonight is a spiced Japanese Rice Vinegar - which I love! I always have a well known Japanese Rice Vinegar on hand in our house for our dressings as it's gentle and smooth and makes the most fabulous dressings.

1 small peeled shallot or 1 garlic clove
10 black peppercorns
1 quarter sized piece of fresh ginger, peeled
2 c Japanese white or red rice vinegar

Put the garlic or shallot into a pint sized bottle along with the peppercorns and ginger. (You can cut the ginger to fit in the bottle neck if you have to). Add the rice vinegar and seal. Store for 2 weeks before using.Print Friendly and PDF