Dark Sweet Cherries and Vanilla Ice Cream with a Sprinkle of Walnuts.... Mmmm

Cherries are a fruit my mother never bought when I was a child.  Cherries in our home came in the form of a can in ooey gooey glaze that she used to make Cherry Dessert.  That was it.  Nothing else.  Ever.  There are sour cherries and sweet cherries, and when the dark sweet cherries are in season and readily available in your grocery, it's time to enjoy a nice sundae or cherry malt on the deck, after dinner, as the sun goes down.

Although you can put the mixture into a blender, I've never found it necessary.  Instead, I scoop vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt into a glass, cut pieces of cherry straight from the pits (use a small paring knife and just cut around the pit, giving you about 4-5 perfectly sized pieces and then toss the stem and pit into the trash) and top with some chopped walnuts.  You can use whipped cream on top if you would like.  

As the ice cream softens I mix mine with a spoon while eating and enjoy a pink tinged 'cherry nut' ice cream that is so perfect on a late summer evening.Print Friendly and PDF