November 26, 2011

Who Wants Turkey!? No One. So... Let's Make it Into Sandwiches! Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Ideas

Who wants some turkey?

The roasted turkey on Thanksgiving afternoon smelled and tasted delicious. Leftovers that evening and even yesterday were quite good! But today, the second day of reheated turkey, a dab of potatoes and a little gravy doesn't sound appetizing.

In our home, today is the day I freeze what is left over. Two weeks from now I'll make ours into a warm, comforting Turkey Pot Pie with a homemade crust that we just love on a chilly winter evening.

For those of you who don't want to put your leftover turkey in the freezer for a later date, here are some sandwich ideas to use it up.  Now, if you ask my Dad, he'll tell you the best sandwich is also the simplest.  Use a split dinner roll, butter both sides, add some sliced leftover turkey pieces, sprinkle with a bit of salt and squish it together before biting.

For those of you who want a little more to your leftover turkey sandwich, here are a few ideas.

Turkey BLT
It's a classic with a twist

2 slices bread
thin sliced leftover turkey slices

Microwave or fry a couple bacon slices.  Toast the bread and top each with a smear of mayo; add the lettuce, tomato and turkey. ** Also note that I like to add avocado slices to this and top one side of it with Chipotle Dressing. (Taco Bell makes a great store bought Ranchero or Chipotle Sauce.)

Grandma's Favorite Turkey and Gravy Sandwich (eaten with a fork)

My memory of this 'sandwich' is that when my mother, my grandmother and I would stop at a little cafe' restaurant in the small town where she used to live, she would order this from the menu.

Mashed potatoes

Leftover turkey pieces, thin sliced
Bread (of your choice but a nice hearty style is best)

Place bread on a plate.  Top with hot mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy.  Serve!

Turkey Quesadillas
A favorite of my son and daughter as they are so quick and easy to make

2 flour tortillas
butter or oil
thin strips of leftover turkey
1/2  c shredded cheddar cheese
salsa and sour cream if you wish to top or dip it

Brush the outside of the flour tortillas with butter or oil. Place a tortilla, butter side down in a medium hot pan (or use a George Foreman Grill)  and top with cheese and turkey.  Place a second tortilla on top, butter side out.  When golden brown and the cheese is melting, flip it quickly and carefully. (Not necessary to flip if you are using the George Foreman Grill).Print Friendly and PDF