Zipzicles? Zipcicles? Apparently the hottest 'cool' fad this summer: Homemade Popcicles

Hearing the word "zipcicle" caught my attention so of course I did what almost everyone today does; look it up on the internet!    It ends up 'zipcicle' (or as I found out later, the official Zipzicle)  is a DIY popcicle like the Flav-or-ite frozen treats I loved as a kid.  The long, skinny, plastic frozen ice treat came as a liquid in a package of about 24 and we would watch Mom put them in the freezer and then bother her unmercifully for the next 3 hours wondering if they were finished.  Some of my earliest memories are honest-to-God of sitting on our garage step with my baby brother and eating grape flavored ice treats.  I even vividly remember the cuts on the sides of my mouth from the plastic edges, because as thin as the treats are, my little two year old mouth was even smaller!

This morning I became aware of the official "Zipzicles - The ONLY Zip-Top Ice-Pop Mold!" wrappers that everyone is mentioning when the subject of homemade ice pops come up.  Some are Mommies filling them with simple Kool-Aid mixtures, others go for the sugar free Crystal Light versions and still others are enjoying these as 'adult' pops made with vodka, rum and other alcoholic blends.  Some of the fresh ideas involve yogurt and fruit mixtures... berrylicious!

The down side to the official wrappers that easily "zip" close is you get 12 to a package and you have to hand wash to reuse.

I did find a more affordable version on Amazon with 100 bags per package but you do have to seal the tops yourself as they do not have zip-closures.  I read the comments and found the ideal was to use a food-saver type sealer but for those that don't have one (I don't) others were using simple twisty ties or rubber bands to seal them until they froze solid.

Ice Candy Bags

  • Ice Candy Plastic Bags
  • 1.5 inches wide, 16 inches long
  • 100 Bags Per Package
  • BPA Free

This idea is for those who don't like the idea of throwing plastic wrappers away and want a reusable package that is easy to clean.  I found this set also on Amazon - of food safe silicone.

Cosmos ® 10-Piece Pink/Light Blue/Violet/Green/Orange Food Safe Silicone Ice Pop Maker Molds Set with Cosmos Fastening Strap

Personally, my family has always enjoyed homemade pops using something I've posted about years ago...  I have the original Tupperware set of popcicle molds my Mother bought back in 1973.  Yes!  I know, right!?  How awesome is that!  I love them and use them to this day...  but I do admit I'm thinking of purchasing the Zipzicles as well and I'll fill them with a sugar free grape Kool-Aid mixture.  When they are frozen solid I can sit on the front step like I did when I was two years old and maybe I'll even call my baby brother to share the moment.

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