Another way to save basil from the garden: Drying it in the microwave

The basil in my garden is growing like a weed and it's time to start harvesting it to use this autumn and winter.  I posted earlier this week about simply stringing it up in bunches and hanging in an out of the way place to air dry.   The second way I kept some of it was to dry it in the microwave.  Now, this is not actually something I've done before as I assumed it would burn parts of it and not actually dry it.  I was wrong!  It worked perfectly.

Rinsed, fresh picked basil from the garden.  Placed on a layer of paper towel.

I laid another paper towel on top and microwaved for 1 minute. Checked, added another 30 seconds. Then they were dry!

Depending on your microwave it may take more or less time but they were completely dried in 90 seconds.

I opted to chop this batch and put them into my Basil spice container. Fresh and homegrown!

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