February 14, 2015

Rainbow Tie-Dyed Cookies (That started out as amazing Rainbow Heart Cookies)

The accidental cookie
Strap yourself in for a ride on this recipe.  My goodness.  What a train wreck!

We have a birthday and Valentine's Day all in one weekend.  Because I knew a cake would go straight to the freezer after we enjoyed one tiny celebratory slice for tradition sake, I decided to make birthday cookies instead.

I was actually watching some music videos online when a click led to a click, led to a click...  and I found myself watching this "Rainbow Heart Cookie" demonstration.  It's actually in Chinese but she puts the English recipe on as well and you can watch step-by-step how to make these beautiful, incredible, fun and oh-so-perfect round cookies with perfect little hearts in the center.

And then after you see her perfect, beautiful version - you can carry on to watch my attempt and fail!

Ok!  Now let's get on to the American Housewife version...

FIRST:  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I take quick snapshots of the foods I make with my camera.  This is not a 'foodie' blog.  It's not a 'gorgeous picture blog'.  It's a real blog of a real Mom who makes real food... and forgets to take pictures half the time!  So I try to remember to do so on my iphone.

And my iphone completely died, gave up the ghost and bit the dirt this week.

I just have an old iphone 4 (because I really, really don't care about the latest and greatest electronics).  The iphone 4 have a known 'issue' that Apple tried to hide from everyone;  the power button breaks.  It sticks down, stops working.  No worries.  I 'got around' the issue by never using the power button;  and instead you go into the settings, general, accessibility, and chose the Assistive Touch option.  This puts a little circle on your screen that will bring up options to 'touch' instead of having to lock and unlock your phone using the power button.

But still - knowing I have an inquisitive mind, I knew I wanted to try to fix it, so I ordered a little kit off Amazon from China for like, a dollar.  Fast forward to this week.  It was trying to send very large file photos of my kids to my email and it froze up.  Then it completely shut down.  Black screen.  Nothing would bring it back. 

The power button was useless and once it was dead, it was dead.  NOTHING worked.  (Not even banging the phone against the desk and my steering wheel in frustration).  I got home from running errands, ordered a new phone online and only THEN did I have the guts to get out my little iphone repair kit and take my phone apart.

I took it ALL apart.  I started by trying to use the little 'paper tab' trick to easily jam in the back without taking too many components out, but it didn't work (neither did sticking in pins, needles and bent paperclips to see if I could fix that area of the broken sensor/button) so I went on to take the whole thing apart. 

And in the end, I lost two itty bitty tiny teeny screws and I threw one piece away when I peeled it off the electronic mother board area and it wouldn't stick anymore after that... and then I decided to try the paper tab trick again - only sticking it in AFTER the little camera was removed completely from the iphone.  Then I put the whole thing back together, pressed the power button and...  IT WORKED.  OMGOSH IT WORKED AGAIN!!!!

Except I can't take pictures with it in regular camera mode.

It only works in 'selfie' mode - camera facing me.

Which is completely awkward and backwards trying to take pictures so this is how most of them look;

The odd angle
My LEGS in the photo
My FINGER in the photo on the right hand side

So...  now that you understand why my pictures this week will look so incredibly crappy, let's get on with this train wreck cookie!

For perfect cookies - use a sturdy cookie dough recipe.  Here is the one she uses;

3/4 c butter
1 1/4 c powdered (confectioner's) sugar
1 t vanilla
dash salt
3 egg yolks
2 1/2 c cake flour
food color - gel
egg wash - (1 egg white mixed with 1 t water)

Allow a LOT of time for chilling.  Each step needs to be completely chilled - which is about 2 hours in the refrigerator (although I sped up the process once they were rolled into flat rectangular discs)

My first mistake is that I didn't want to make a full sugar/flour cookie.  I knew my husband wouldn't want to eat it as he prefers a healthier cookie - no flour and no refined white sugar.  So I used my sugar free cookie recipe which I thought would be sturdy enough, but it really wasn't.  The dough is a little softer and stickier then the kind made with flour so it was more difficult to work with.  And when you add the food color, you might need to add a bit more flour to make up for the extra moisture.  I did end up using a couple tablespoons of flour in mine to help with this sticky problem since this dough is worked with a lot.

Follow the directions in the video to make you cookie dough and the beautiful heart cookies.

But here is how my heart cookies ended up being tie-dyed birthday cookies.

2/3 dough is left plain/vanilla. The other 1/3 cut into 6 equal pieces to color

After chilling, rolled out to equal sized flat rectangular pieces and chilled again

Using an egg wash to stack the dough, then sliced into 6 blocks, and chilled again

This is when I realized I was going to waste a LOT of dough cutting out and using just hearts

So I decided to take the dough, cut CIRCLES and re-use the dough gently to cut MORE until it was ALL used up

And I formed a tie-dyed log to chill yet again

Roll out the plain vanilla dough, and roll up the tie-dyed center log in it

Roll in multi-colored sprinkles and freeze until firm then slice into cookies

Ready to bake - I'm really sick of these cookies by now!

Tie-Dyed sugar free, wheat free cookies!!!!

You might be interested in these gel food colors or cookie cutters off Amazon;

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