Quick and Easy Pink Lemonade Cookies

When I bought a pink lemonade cookie mix in the past as a quick 'whip it up' dessert for one of the many snacks I had on hand to serve at a family reunion; everyone loved them.  They were so tangy yet sweet and they were a hit. 

Last weekend we were again hosting a family reunion at the house and my daughter specifically asked me to pick up another box mix like last time.  Unfortunately, I didn't didn't find any at my local store(s) and apparently they stopped making them.  At least in my area. 

While at the store, I called my daughter to deliver the news I could not find them. Apparently they didn't make them any longer.  She was disappointed, but only briefly. 

"Will you make some up then? 

And I did.  With a lot of cooking and baking to be done, I decided to make this as quick and easy as I could.  Standing in the baking aisle, I brainstormed.  I could make a vanilla cookie with a tangy pink lemonade icing.  I could use...  Kool-aid!

In the end this is what I did;

Pink Lemonade Cookie

1 package sugar cookie mix
1 tub creamy white frosting
1 package dry pink lemonade Kool-aid mix
1 stick butter
1 egg
Mix the cookies as directed on the package with the stick of butter and 1 egg.  Mix approximately 1 teaspoon dry lemonade mix in the tub of vanilla frosting.  I was taste-testing to get the right amount.  I need to add that the lemonade flavor gets much, much stronger over night so keep that in mind when determining how much flavor you want to use and when you want to serve them.  They were tangy yet mild when first mixed and by the 2nd day the lemon tang was much more pronounced. Frost each cookie.

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