July 11, 2015

BERRIES! Homemade Berry Sherbet

If you follow me on Twitter you might recall seeing my excited Tweet last month, with photo, that our blackberries had started to ripen. I spent just over a week, 'picking berries' each evening as they slowly ripened.  It was a great way to slow down, relax, do some deep thinking and enjoy the quiet that picking berries forces on you.  If you attempt to go quickly, not only will you miss plump, ripe berries hiding under leaves, but the thorns will get you and your clothes and rip both skin and fabric into little shreds!

As I pick berries I popped them into the deep freezer until I had enough to do 'something' with.  That something turned into 2 different things.  I intended on making some Blackberry Butter (a thick jam) but as I started to make it I ended up making a homemade sherbet out of this batch!  Completely random and unplanned.  No recipe - it just made itself.

 Frozen berries into a food processor with an S-blade
You can use all one kind of berry or mix blackberries, raspberries, etc.  It's up to you!

 Process, scrape the sides and process more until as smooth as you can get it.

While I planned to use a sweetener substitute and make jam or butter out of it,
suddenly I spied an extra can of sweetened condensed milk in the pantry from
my Key Lime Pie shopping trip.

Added 1 can of sweetened condensed milk to the berry puree

Upon taste-testing I decided just a smidgen of vanilla Torani flavored syrup would do.
(You could add more sweetener and/or vanilla extract)
Taste test to get the sweet level to your liking.

When you like how it tastes, put it into a container that can be placed in the deep freeze.

After freezing at least a few hours, scoop out and serve!

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