November 06, 2015

Let's use up these Fall apples! Homemade applesauce and dehydrating apples to the rescue!

This is really more of a reminder post...  because it's Autumn and hello?  APPLES! 

I was at the store a couple days ago and needed to pick up more apples for my husband.  Our local store currently has small bags of apples going for $.97 a pound so I bought two bags.  A handful saved for my husband to grab on his way out the door to work, and the rest made into applesauce and dehydrated for breakfast oatmeals and snacking.

If you visit An American Housewife often, then you know I make a big batch of applesauce at least every two weeks.  It's my husbands 'late night snack' when he watches tv after I go to bed and every morning I find the empty jars in the sink.  I love it though because since it's homemade I control what goes into it - and believe me, there is ZERO ADDED SUGAR and absolutely, certainly NO CORN SYRUP.  None of the chemicals or additives in store bought applesauce obviously and why in the world they ADD SUGAR to an already sweet natural applesauce is beyond me.

My recipe for applesauce is so incredibly easy it's almost no work and involves apples... and nothing else unless you choose to add a bit of natural sweetener or cinnamon.  You can find that recipe here if you don't already have it. 

Apples ready for applesauce!

 Doing some dehydrating as well

Just a note about peeling the apples for dehydrating:  SAVE THEM and add them to your applesauce.  They have so many nutrients in them, and help the applesauce naturally thicken.  Just wash and peel your apples like usual, but while you throw away or compost the cores, add the peelings to your apples in the crockpot. 

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