April 25, 2016

Busy Weekend! Cooking over the Fire & in my Solar Oven (which is actually a good Mother's Day gift idea!)

It was a beautiful weekend here in our part of the universe, which made for a busy "maintenance and repair" weekend but a little fun too.  Since it was sunny and warm, it also made it easy for me to 'cook' dinner without thinking about it. 

Saturday I cooked beef ribs in the sun oven all day without worrying about 'what's for dinner'.  We then built a fire in the firepit and finished them over a fire which makes them sooo delicious.  In the photo you can see I used the liquid poured off from cooking, to add some sugar free ketchup and brown sugar substitute, brought to a simmer over the fire and reduced to a nice thick sauce.

Sunday was another busy day - this time repairing some boards on the deck and restaining and finishing the heavy front wooden doors.  Again, I didn't worry about dinner.  I whipped up some simple chicken enchiladas, set them to bake while I worked.

With the sun oven 'hot' and many hours of sunlight left, I decided to mix up a cheesecake and baked that as well.  Dinner is served... without heating up the house or using any electricity.




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