July 22, 2016

Taking liberties with Slow Cooked Mississippi Roast - and I came up with Ranch & Peppers Slow Cooked Roast

Yesterday I had a roast thawed in the refrigerator so I decided I'd pop it into the slow cooker.  I have a couple great 'go to' ways I make my roasts, but I remembered I had a tiny piece of paper tucked away 'somewhere' that I had scribbled down a list of ingredients I had seen for roast.  I decided to hunt it down.  I found it - and at the top I had scribbled it's name:  Mississippi Roast.  It's ingredients included a jar of mild yellow banana peppers, mayonnaise, dill weed, paprika, vinegar and butter among other things.  I knew we were out of jarred banana pepper rings, but I had fresh little orange and yellow peppers on hand.  The recipe called for dredging the roast in flour and searing it on the stove first; but who has time for that?  And I am never thrilled about making yet another pan dirty for 3 minutes of cooking!  I decided I'd make the "Mississippi Roast" but of course I'd do it my own way.

As I got the ingredients out I looked at the mixture of mayonnaise, dill weed, vinegar, paprika and buttermilk.  I commented to my husband that looked like it was just going to be a homemade version of ranch dressing.  I told him I was going to go to the computer and do some research on "Mississippi' Roast" before I proceeded any farther.

BINGO.  So apparently Mississippi Roast is a thrown together 'recipe' using a store bought package of a gravy mix (Au Jus), a store bought package of dry ranch dressing and a stick of butter, along with some peppers from a jar.  The recipe ingredients I had jotted down was someone's version of a more 'homemade' version not using the store Ranch Dressing mix among other things. 

NOW it was starting to make sense. I had seen and made a version of this recipe with the dry Ranch mix years ago.  Now I understood the odd ingredient mixture and how it all came together.

The funny thing is, I was reading how this 'recipe' was invented in 2011.  Um...  I remember seeing this recipe back in the mid-90's before people even had internet in their homes.  I made a version of it in 1996 (I remember because we had just moved into our home in Minneapolis). 

Now that I knew what this dish was, I was ready to proceed.  In my own way.  Because I've never in my life bought a store bought package of a dry 'gravy' mix and I'm not going to start now.  I also had just made up two batches of dressing the day before (Blue Cheese and Ranch) so I might as well use that.  I'd cut down on the butter as I love butter but didn't feel a whole stick was needed, and I would use the fresh little yellow peppers instead of jarred.

The end result was incredible! Due to schedules, some of the family ate at different times last night and without knowing how the other felt, remarked I absolutely had to make this again and that I should make it again next week already.  It's always nice when your family loves a food that is so EASY to make!  I'm not sure really sure what to call it since it seems I'd be taking a lot of liberties calling it Mississippi Slow Cooked Roast with all the changes I made so I guess I'll just call it Ranch & Peppers Slow Cooked Roast!

Ranch and Peppers Slow Cooked Roast
Similar to Mississippi Roast

1 chuck roast (3-4 lb)
2 T olive or other oil
2 T flour
salt and pepper
banana peppers or small yellow or orange peppers, sliced
2/3 c prepared Ranch style dressing
2 t apple cider vinegar
3 T butter
1/2 t dried dill weed
dash paprika

Heat the crock pot or slow cooker on high with the 2 T oil.  Sprinkle the bottom of your roast with flour and place it flour side down in the slow cooker.  Season with salt and pepper.  Add sliced fresh yellow banana peppers or mild yellow and orange pepper slices to cover. (I used 2 small peppers to accomplish this).  Add the apple cider vinegar, ranch dressing and dill. Sprinkle paprika on if you wish.  Top with cubed or sliced butter pieces on top.  Cover and cook on high for about 6 hours or low for 8-10 - until your roast is incredibly tender and smells delicious. 

SERVING CHOICES AT THIS POINT:  Serve as is with the dressing on top and clear juice spooned over from the crock or flip the roast over using a couple metal pancake flippers or spatulas so the dressing and ingredients blend with the juice in the crock.  Push the roast to the side a little bit so you can whisk the juice all together, blending the juice, ranch dressing, flour, etc. into a nice smooth sauce.  Serve as slices with extra sauce over, or you can shred it up in the crock all together and serve on buns or over pasta.

Fresh peppers add flavor to the finished product but are not spicy so kids can easily enjoy this dish

Getting ready to cook

So delicious! Can be shredded, sliced or flipped and the sauce blended - so many options.

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