September 26, 2016

Homemade Wheat Bread - Autumn and Homemade Bread Just Go Hand in Hand

Wheat Bread 
double loaf

3 c warm water
1 T instant/quick yeast
1/3 c oil
1/3 c honey or sweetener
1 T salt
6 c hard white whole wheat flour mixed with;
1/2 c rolled oats or quick oats
1/4 c vital wheat gluten with vitamin C

Combine water, yeast, oil, honey and salt.  Add about 5 cups of the flour mix and start to mix slow in a heavy duty mixer with a bread hook.  Add 1-2 cups more flour as needed so it forms a nice ball of dough.  Let it knead about 8 minutes.  Coat your hands with a bit of oil and turn dough out onto an oiled or parchment lined surface.  Divide and form 2 loaves.  Place in greased bread pans.  Cover with plastic wrap and let raise in a warm area for about 45 minutes until doubled in size.  Bake breads at 350 for 25-30 minutes in a regular open bread loaf pan or about 45 minutes for a heavy duty, restaurant style pan with lid.  Remove and cool. You can rub butter on the top surface of the bread in the 'open' traditional style baking pans for a softer crust with a nice flavor.

I have taken to grinding my own wheat since last year but I bet you could use King Arthur Flour 100%s Organic White Whole Wheat Flour or another good quality white wheat flour if you don't have the ability to grind your own.

The photo at the top of the page was baked with a square pan/lid that I ordered from Amazon.  I like it because the slices are uniform in size and work great for sandwiches.  I've found (as silly as it sounds) that my husband is more likely to make a sandwich out of the bread if it's 'square' slices while the traditional rounded top breads are used more for slices to eat with a meal (with soup or stews or made into garlic bread, etc).

Here is picture I took of the double loaf baked in one traditional pan and then using the square sided pan without the lid so it was just a traditional looking homemade loaf.

Note:  I have found the square pans are thicker and need to be baked longer than the bread I bake in a traditional bread loaf pan (up to 15 minutes longer!).

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