Keeping Guacamole From Turning Brown and Storing (Freezing) Guacamole

It's Autumn and time for school to start back up!  Not just for The Littles, but for college students too!  And our college girl has a few requests from Mom when we are packing her up and preparing to make the trip cross-state.  One of the 'please please please' requests is my homemade guacamole.

To give you an idea of how much this girl loves guacamole, I can tell you a little memory that pops into my head at the mention of this yummy green condiment/dip.  Remember back in elementary school when you are chosen to be student of the week and you have fill out a paper or make a poster of things that tell about you?  Some of the questions are "Favorite Color" "Favorite TV Show" and "Favorite Food".    Our daughters favorite food was "guacamole" - which was apparently so odd and different for a little 7 year old to put on their "STAR" poster that it warranted a special 'comment note' from her teacher.  Her brother and her used to have a silly fun argument at dinner time over who was the 'Guacamole Queen' and 'Guacamole King' and who loved it more. 

This summer we had to buy avocados in bulk as she literally had it on her foods for breakfast and lunch every day. 

One of the downfalls of homemade guacamole is it turns brown when you try to store it.  But we don't have any issues with that because last year I started to 'food seal' ours.  I make a big batch of it - doubling or tripling a regular recipe - and then scoop some into food vacuum seal bags and proceed to seal them tight.  When they are sealed they can be refrigerated or they can be frozen.  To use the frozen packages, just take them out and let them thaw completely before using.  We sometimes 'rush' the process by running them under warm water and kneading the package to get them to thaw a bit faster when we need them asap. 

I use a really cheap affordable Weston food sealer that my husband bought for me a few years ago on clearance at Lowes and I like these food sealer bags that I order on Amazon best of all the brands of bags I've tried.  I'm not a fan of the popular Food Saver brand - I haven't found them to be as thick and good quality, nor do they seal as well. 

Our daughter was THRILLED when we arrived at college and I surprised her by pulling out 6 small packages of vacuum sealed homemade guacamole.  Popped into her dorm fridge, she was a happy girl for the next two weeks.

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