Low Carb Sugar Free Almond Thins and Nacho Cheese Flavored Almond Thin Crackers

If you've been around An American Housewife for a little while, you might remember my post for a Dorito style Nacho Cheese Dust flavoring that I used on taco shells and many other items.   And you might also recall a recipe I've posted numerous times because it's one of my 'go-to' recipes for crackers when we are not eating wheat products:  Almond Thin Crackers (like wheat thin style). So, what happens when those two recipes marry?  You get Nacho Cheese Flavored Almond Thins!  And let me just say they are QUITE yummy with a simple cream cheese and mild pepper dip!

When I made these up I started with my regular almond thin recipe but left out the garlic and onion flavoring in lieu of opening a packet of the Dorito dust I had made and sealed in my food sealer a few months ago.  I added a bit of it to the dough recipe (maybe 1-2 T) and then I sprinkled more flavor dust on the crackers before baking.

This is a recipe you'll want to use your own discretion on for taste - heavily seasoned or lightly seasoned - it's all up to you.  Go light to start as you can always add more if you wish.  If you like a bit more of a 'kick' to it, sprinkle some chipolte or cayenne on the crackers with the dust flavoring.

Almond Thins Crackers

1 c almond flour or fine ground almonds
1-2 t sweetener of choice
1 egg white

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. Make sure it's mixed well so all the almond is moist and the dough starts to hold together.

Crumble and drop the dough on parchment paper or well greased foil on a pan. Cover the sticky dough with another sheet of parchment or greased foil or plastic wrap. Roll the dough out with a rolling pin as thin as you can - 1/8 of an inch is what to aim for and even thinner if you can. You should be able to get a rectangle about 9X9 inches. Peel off the top layer and score with a pizza cutter to make about 30-40 small squares. Bake at 325 degree's for 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Check at 10 minutes and use a metal spatula to gently pry the crackers apart, flipping the ones on the outside to the inside and mixing them up a bit. When all are golden, remove, break apart and let cool completely. Store in an air tight container.

Doritos Dust

Cheddar Cheese Powder (think; the cheese packet of macaroni & cheese - but more of it)
Tomato Powder
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Red Bell Pepper Powder (can be ground from freeze dried red bell peppers)
Green Bell Pepper Powder (can be ground from freeze dried green bell peppers)
Chili Powder
Nacho Cheese popcorn seasoning
Turmeric Powder

In a food processor start with approximately;

1 1/4 cup cheese powder
1/2 cup tomato powder
2/3 cup freeze dried red bell peppers
1/4 cup freeze dried green bell pepper
2 tablespoons nacho cheese popcorn flavoring
1 tablespoon garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder
2 t paprika, turmeric and salt
1 t MSG
I didn't use any cayenne but some people use that and a dash of dry mustard powder.


I added more tomato powder, popcorn seasoning and onion powder.
I added more turmeric.  Then realized I wanted a little more red pepper powder.
I added a little more salt and MSG to mine.
Then I added more cheese powder, then more turmeric and then more garlic powder and onion powder.
I added more chili powder.
Then... I was happy with it. Or at least sick of taste-testing it and decided it was "close enough".  And I found the flavor changes when added to hot foods!  It becomes even more vibrant and fresh and delicious so keep that in mind when tasting.

To make the Nacho Flavored Almond Thins - add one or two tablespoons to the dough before turning into a ball and rolling out (see photo below).  You can sprinkle more 'dust' on the crackers before baking.     

Before mixing - add some of the dust and more cayenne or chipotle powder if you want more kick

Ready to roll

Cover with a piece of wax paper on top for easy non-stick rolling

Very flat dough results in a more crisp cracker
Easy to cut with a pizza cutter - I cut right on the foil lined baking pan (my preference)

Ready to bake!

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