Homemade Noodles: Flour, Eggs and Oil. That's it!

The photo above is from a snapchat to my family members one day last week when in spite of our typically low carb, wheat free lifestyle, I really, really wanted a nice hot bowl of buttery, homemade noodles. 

You don't even need a recipe for homemade noodles; it's a mixture of some flour with a couple eggs and a bit of oil to blend it together until it comes to a ball that you can knead.  I knead it in my KitchenAid mixer with a dough hook for about 4-5 minutes; or even quickly pulse homemade pasta dough in the food processor.  Let it rest about 5-10 minutes.

Homemade pasta (noodles) and dumplings are a comfort food I grew up on from the time I was born.  There is no point in my life I don't remember eating dumplings or homemade noodles my Dad had whipped up.  (Because although my Mom cooked most meals, there are certain things only Dad made and these were one of them.)  My family always rolled them out thin on the flour-sprinkled counter and I did too until I came across a good deal on a pasta machine years ago (the hand crank kind).  I think my pasta maker is about 23 years old now but it's a nice, heavy, good quality one that I anticipate having the rest of my life.  If you have a pasta maker or noodle maker; awesome.  If not, just roll these out thin on the counter.  I cut mine quickly using a pizza cutter - I didn't care if they were uniform and equal as these were mine... all mine. 

Sometimes I add some salt to the dough, other times I add it later.  Sometimes I add  a smidgen of baking powder to the dry mix... usually I don't bother. 

Homemade Noodles


I use about 2 cups of flour, more or less (mine is hand ground myself from wheatberries so it will look darker in the photos and have speckles from it being whole wheat.)  Add 2-3 eggs and use a fork or a dough attachment or use your pasta machine if you have one to start blending it together.  Drizzle in oil of your choice (canola oil, olive oil, etc.) until it's moistened.  When it starts to form a ball, stop adding moisture.  Start to knead it.  Knead at least 5-10 minutes until the dough is smooth and stretchy.  Let it set about 5-10 minutes before dividing it into 4 pieces and rolling them out and cutting your noodles.

Add to boiling water and cook until done (about 3 minutes or so).  I like mine with butter, salt and pepper but you can top with whatever sauce you wish, cheese, etc.  And if you wish, add them to chicken broth, etc.

My pasta dough is speckled because it's made with whole wheat, and darker orange/yellow because I was using eggs from a friend who has chickens.  Store bought eggs have much lighter yolks.  If you are using white flour and store bought eggs your pasta will be very pale.  It's all good!

If you are using a pasta machine, start on number 1 and run it through and use at 1, 2, or 3 or 4 depending on how thin you want them.  I kept them just at 1; nice and thick this time.

Butter, salt and pepper.  That's all I ever want on my pasta.

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