April 12, 2019

Product Review Time! A beautiful and affordable farmhouse meets chic 8 pc comforter set in beige and cream

My regular readers might recall me mentioning over the past month or two, we are preparing for a big wedding in our family.  We have many close family members staying at our home that weekend, as well as being a 'home base' for out of town guests to gather.  In addition to all the wedding planning, I've been trying to brainstorm menu and food ideas and sprucing up the house and guest bedrooms in anticipation of the 25 people we will have staying at the house between Thursday and Tuesday!

Getting the guest rooms ready was perfect timing for a company that approached me to review one of their comforter sets.  Out of the links provided to choose from, there were bedding sets, quilt sets, comforters of all different styles and colors.  Mocha, olive green, lots of grays and ....  then I saw it.  A beautiful creamy beige, rustic chic meets a tiny bit of farmhouse style; with just enough of khaki brown trim and dark beige piping to add that 'something' special.

Once it arrived I couldn't stop smiling and I could not wait to share this with my readers!

Because... AFFORDABLE!  TOTALLY AFFORDABLE!  This particular set came with 8 pieces, so it was everything I needed to pull a new 'look' together for the bed quickly and easily.


EIGHT (8) pieces included!  Many Americans have the standard sham style but this one comes with both European (square) options as well as the rectangular American style shams.

IMPORTANT:  sizing.  Very generous sized (I got the queen set).  Here is a photo of the insert listing the sizes of each piece.

A close up of the stitching to show the different shades of beige, cream and khaki brown.  Just enough to add that special something without being overwhelming.

This twisted ruffle...  love love love.

Since it comes with not only the comforter, shams and bed skirt but also the decorative pillows, you literally can have a brand new look in 5 minutes.

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