One Simple Step to Clean Your Pampered Chef Pizza Stone


I have blogged about this in the past - the first time was in 2007 - it's how I clean my Pampered Chef Pizza Stones. 

It's easy.  I keep them in the oven when I set it to 'self-clean'.

They go in dark, they come out clean and beige.  If they are heavily soiled or dark, I'll have to wipe the ash off with a paper towel.

No, really.  That's all I do.

As a matter of fact, the photo above shows my stones - Pampered Chef Pizza Stones that were bought in 2005.  

I've been cleaning them in my oven on 'self-clean' regularly since 2007.
It's now 2021.

When I first started to clean them this way in 2007 I'd have to season them again by making something a bit greasy but that was easily;  I'd just bake buttery croissants them.  That was usually enough to re-season.

(This is not how I'm telling you to clean yours; that's up to you.  It's how I clean mine.  All three of them.  For the past 16+ years.)


My stones literally live in the oven all the time.  They stay in when I bake other items (usually) and they work as a drip pan of sorts as well, which is great.  Because they are about 18 years old, they are well seasoned and turn a nice dark, almost black color very quickly even with just a couple uses.  The are the beige stone color right out of the oven, but the darkness returns within a couple uses - again, because they are so well seasoned after so many years.  When I first started to clean on self-clean back in 2007, I'd have to re-season them to get that non-stick awesomeness.  Usually I'd just make something like canned, store-bought croissants on them as they were 'greasy' enough to season the pan for me for future uses.  But after a few years, I didn't need to do anything with them after cleaning. 

To clean them in between the deep cleanings, I just use the little plastic scraper to scrape them.  Sometimes some really hot water but never soap.


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