December 25, 2021

'Knitted' Look Mitten and Hat Cut-out Sugar Cookies - with a cable knit frosting decor look

A quick photo snapped while decorating. The blue cookies were decorated like knitted cookies too.


Hats and Mittens - that was my 'theme' for cut out sugar cookies this year.  I still did some Christmas trees and a couple others but I was really excited about the hats and mittens this year.

You would think I would have taken a lot of great photos then, right?  Wrong.  This year, December 13th I got thrown for a 'loop' and the world got crazy busy and time got away from me.  I managed to get these cookies made and enough goodies to make up 5 huge trays this year but that's it.  

Life.  It's what happens when you are busy making other plans.

So this poor excuse for a photo is what makes it to the blog and I only am able to quickly post links to some of the items I used to make them because I literally ordered a lot of my ingredients from Amazon so I was able to simply look up my own order to see what I used.


Yesterday I remembered I had a tray of cookies in the freezer waiting to go with a family member to her co-workers!  I grabbed the tray out and quickly snapped a few pictures so at least I can say I got a few pictures of one random cookie tray in 2021!


Thoughts:  I don't love the blue knit cookies as much as I do the white knit cookies.  I debated leaving the blue mitten cookies solid, but I had plenty of icing left so I went ahead and did a gray cable knit design on them.  They are 'fine' but I think next year I might leave some solid and some knit.

Note:  I ordered my Ann Clark mitten cookie-cutter from another site as I was ordering some sanding sugars and other items from there.  Amazon does have the mitten cookie-cutter but it's a little more on Amazon than if you find it elsewhere for about $2-3.  The difference of course is you probably have to pay shipping elsewhere so in the end, Amazon is basically the same price since you probably are getting free shipping.   

*If you can't see the image links below it's because you have an ad blocker on your site that blocks some Amazon images.  Just disable your ad-blocker and refresh the page to see all the links.


  You'll need your cookie cutters (mittens, hats, etc)

  Love these to swirl the royal base icing to get out air bubbles and push it into the little crevices.

  These are the clips to go on the top of your piping and icing bags to hold in the icing from squishing out the top.

   Invested in some 1 and 1.5 size tips this year!  Nice and tiny.


  I usually just use egg whites in my royal icing but it takes a good number of them and I didn't plan to make lemon curd or puddings to use the yolks up so I purchased more meringue powder; it's worth the investment if you don't have plans to use up the yolks from the whites used to make the icing.


Sprinkles!  Use whatever colors you wish.  I went with a mixture of metallic sugar sprinkles this year;  blues, silvers and white.


  A nice set of gel food colors.... mix and match to get the shades you like.



  Piping bags of course!


This is just one of the many fun shades of sugar sprinkles available.



I also made some chocolate sugar cookies using a tree shaped cookie cutter this year.  The chocolate sugar cookies are a family favorite no matter what shapes I use each year!


Royal Icing Recipe - posted numerous times on An American Housewife - this is just one of them.






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